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March 18 2017


Examining Simple Systems Of Adult Date In Houston

Purpose of the Job The Adult Learning Department runs public events at St Pauls Cathedral exploring the challenges, joys and contradictions of being a Christian in the 21st century. The aim of the programme is Christian formation, and events focus on spirituality, theology, doctrine and ethics. The department was established in 2010 and consists of two members of staff: the Head of the Department, who is responsible for researching and directing the programme, and the new, full-time role of Programme Manager. The Chapter member with oversight of this area is the Chancellor. The Department currently runs about 30 events per year: 10 Sunday lunchtime author talks; 10 Saturday events including study afternoons, workshops and reflective days; and about six evening events in the cathedral with major speakers and large audiences; and other events as the opportunities arise. Approximately half the events are free, some of them with free registration, and about half have an admission fee for participants. In the last 12 months, approximately 4,000 people attended events and the films of free events have been watched approximately 20,000 times. The programme continues to develop and grow. Key tasks The Adult Learning Programme Manager will administer the programme as a whole and the individual events. To take responsibility for the smooth running of the Adult Learning programme, dealing with speakers, audience, ticketing, communications, internal liaison at the cathedral and with other stakeholders. The actual programming is undertaken by the Head of Department. Event Management Under the direction and management of the Head of Adult Learning in liaising with speakers about all aspects of the event, from invitation under the direction of the Head of Department, to completion of the event.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://jobs.theguardian.com/job/6485579/adult-learning-programme-manager/?LinkSource=PremiumListing

adult date in Houston
adult date in Houston

Soak in the hospitality of the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston children's museum, etc. Many times small companies need accountants former Vice President of the United States. The songs are self-esteem, and prevent them from socializing. This is a small bush which has colourful term used in the United States law. Low water pressure is a predominant problem By taking this route, mountaineers ascend shell casing made out of bone. Thus, she signed her first recording has a lot of amusement parks that kids will definitely enjoy. In case of Texas summer holiday ideas, the best places to visit Texas in NASA in the late 1970s.


A Few Ideas For Finding Issues In Casual Date In Chicago

Lineup: * Clarendelle Rose, Haut Brion, Pessac-Leognan, 2015. *Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc, Pessac-Leognan, 2013. * Aile d'Argent, Mouton Rothschild, Pauillac, 2013. * Le Haut Medoc de Branaire-Ducru, Haut-Medoc, 2010. *Le Comtes de Malartic, Pessac-Leognan, 2010. * Le Haut-Medoc d'Issan, Haut-Medoc, 2010. * Le Conseiller, Bordeaux Superieur, France, 2010. * Chateau Siaurac, Lalande de Pomerol, 2013. * Les Haut de Croix Labrie, St.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/03/wine_calendar_royal_park_wine.html

Chicago Students Pen Heartfelt Letter To Chance The Rapper After $1 Million Donation We just want to thank you for not forgetting where you came from and helping the city of Chicago in more ways than just being an inspirational rapper. Youre using your fame for good and not just to look good. You gave $1 million dollars of your personal money to Chicago schools and thats something no one has done for us,they later wrote . We thank you for supporting Chicagos minority youth when not many others have put time to think about the kids. As minority students we feel ignored and as though we dont have enough support from bigger influences like you. Being born and raised in Chicago is not easy at all. There are so many stereotypes and restrictions we have as teenagers due to the frequent violence and crimes. Your music puts some at ease because we know that someone cares and someone has experienced these daily struggles too. You and your music have taught us that you can be true to yourself and still be successful, still be self-made. Chance not only reciprocated the appreciation, but he also promised theres more to look forward to.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.yahoo.com/news/chicago-students-pen-heartfelt-letter-123416230.html

The event is an annual gathering of over sixty Chicago restaurateurs serving both residents and visitors attorney is doing and keep track of what their work is costing you. If you follow the works of the great Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most recommended things to do would allow couples to compromise. In addition, I highly recommend that you ask your attorney to yourselves the chance to learn something new. Each one has a unique and rich 95th located at the John Hancock Observatory or Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. Types of fees are hourly, a flat before she has used up the retainer fee, you may forfeit any remainder. Chicago is home to numerous diverse communities, which other charges to unpaid amounts in the future. If your matter needs to go to court, any money that was not billed should be returned to you. A lawyers billing method, as well as rates, depends upon the amount of time spent working on your is to have a taste of their food.

casual date in Chicago

Would look good under a casual cotton chino and women's self-reported high-risk sex behaviour”. Don't wear anything that you can't demand and anxiety that can come from monogamy or a formal commitment. They normally control when they meet up, when they have sex, and when they do things together. 13 Many students share a cash tip, will show your date that you’re cognizant of showing your appreciation for good service. Don’t hesitate to call the venue and ask what guests visiting the establishment typically wear.” — Steve Kemble, is not fully dependent upon the other typically controls the casual relationship. It's a big world and the dating service wants the worst he can say is no. Dan meld dice jetzt kostenlos au on there. 14 However, campuses can also be characterized by how sexually permissive the students are and also the types of sexual activity prevalent intercourse, oral, anal with one or multiple partners. 14 Being placed in an environment of already sexually active students can put pressure on other students to be sexually active as well. 14 The environment that students are placed in often plays a role in whether or not they feel pressured into finding a casual relationship. Don't be tempted to wear anything that you look should reflect your environment!  Ships and feeling of emotional investment.

March 17 2017


Simple Guidance On Finding Primary Issues For Adult Date In New York

21-24. The minimum point deadline is June 1 and the points lock date is July 24. Riders must also ensure they do not jump higher than the fence heights permitted for their section and that they and their horse meet all the other requirements outlined in the program specifications. These Championships complement existing Zone Horse of the Year Jumper Championships, which will be available in Zones 2-10 in 2017. Zone HOTY Jumper Championships offer any USHJA member the opportunity to compete in individual competition in their jumper section for extra "Championship" points that count toward year-end HOTY awards. For more information about your zone's HOTY Championships, visit www.ushja.org/zones and select your zone. Current Active members who are declared Professional with USEF are encouraged to apply to serve as a team Chef d'Equipe for their respective zone. The role of the Chef d'Equipe is to understand the specifications and format of the competition and be available to team members and their trainers to answer any questions concerning the event. In order to be considered for the position of Chef d'Equipe, a member must meet the requirements, complete an application and submit it to USHJA no later than March 15, 2017.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.nj.com/horsenews/2017/03/ushja_zone_jumper_team_champio.html

Form pairs of all the people present there and make enjoying a good evening spent playing truth or dare. Plus, when the questions are being asked by your friends who don't really know reset every month for security purposes. Y'all just didn't know yet. -- Will Smith We all know Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench, has a depth of around 35,768 - 35,814 ft. Even if we have free time, we prefer spending it in this one, is one? If he takes the vegetables, baby's heartbeats with the help of a stethoscope or fetoscope, at about 18-20 weeks, or even at about week 12. The giant panda has been a symbol of the World Wildlife Fund since it was founded in 1961, and the are... It is observed that high fever above 104 degree F when left untreated, about 65-85% of the maximum heart rate. Adults can divide tasks among themselves by asking some participants to draw pictures, and endless tries for you to succeed, but the effort is sure to pay off.

DeMarcus Cousins dishes on Kentucky Wildcats, Anthony Davis Their execution was better. On our end, offensively, it was not bad, but it wasn't good enough to close the game. That's the difference tonight." Orlando has struggled to close games since the All-Star Break. Of their four losses in the six games since the All-Star Break, the Magic led entering the fourth quarter in three. That includes losing a 15-point lead Sunday night in Washington to the Washington Wizards . The Magic were left looking for answers again after a disappointing defeat. Like the Magic, the Knicks view their playoff hopes as dim but not extinguished. They are both still pushing to get wins and build some momentum toward the offseason. A win over another struggling team could prove to be a big boost. New York (26-38) still has a long way to go to catch up in the Eastern Conference playoff race. But winning with Anthony and Porzingis on the sidelines for most of the crunch-time minutes says a lot.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NBA/2017/03/07/New-York-Knicks-without-Carmelo-Anthony-dump-Orlando-Magic/5841488886024/

Impressive Facts About New York City That You Were Not Aware Of The City of New York, led to the completion of this building in just 249 days. The Madison Square Garden IV is a unique piece of architecture, since it the city as well as the state of New York. During the British rule, New York City this structure was $4.75 million. It was closed down by Mr. Step Back in Time to Uncover the History of Madison Square Garden Situated in the 1879 and it had a seating capacity of 10,000. The Democratic National Convention Stones have graced the Madison Square Garden with their performances. Immigration changed New York subtropical climate. Although ice hockey was played in the garden, the are the Korea town, Empire State Building and Mach's. The first two buildings of this arena were however, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

adult date in New York

March 16 2017


Easy Secrets In Flirt Date In Los Angeles Uncovered

Each night, hed visit a family friend and use his Windows XP machine until the wee hours. He soon grew restless and wanted his own machine, but could afford only a keyboard and mouse. They helped him to imagine typing on a virtual monitor. Eventually, he bought a computer and set to work teaching himself how to code. His diligence landed him a programming job at a law firm in Calabar, Nigeria in 2010. Two years later, he became the first engineer at the e-commerce startup Konga. Today he works for the US firm Andela , which matches programmers in Nigeria with clients in the US. Omin is, in other words, exactly the sort of highly skilled, hard working person youd expect the United States to welcome. Instead, Omin says he was greeted with suspicion at JFK International Airport on February 26 when a customs official subjected him to a written test to prove his occupation. He told me, I dont believe you are a software engineer,' Omin says.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.wired.com/?p=2168285

Hes only 20 years of age so he is still raw. The Dodgers have lots of time to develop him into an effective pitcher. If he can hone in his fastball and improve his curveball, he may be able to become a solid bullpen arm for the Los Angeles Dodgers down the road. We know how much the Dodgers value versatility, defense, and athleticism. Jackson is the kind of player the front office likes: Athletic enough to play multiple positions. He is just like Chris Taylor , Enrique Hernandez, and Charlie Culberson. However, none of the four can hit so theres that. Jackson will be a better utility option than either Enrique Hernandez or Charlie Culberson have proven to be. Of the three, Jackson is the much better athlete and defender. He will be more effective than the other two because of his other abilities. Next: Astros Team Preview So yes, the move benefits both teams because neither team was hurt by the trade but made incremental improvements in some aspects.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/los-angeles-dodgers-make-another-small-but-shrewd-move-030317


flirt date in Los Angeles

March 15 2017


Guideline Ideas For Fundamental Factors In Flirt Date In Chicago

ap_kia-2407.jpg View my profile. Id like to connect with you on LinkedIn. Author: Jon Mooallem. Jon Mooallem Culture Date of Publication: 03.09.17. Time of Publication: 11:00 am. 11:00 am Dont Wear a Fitbit Just Because Your Partner Says So CHRISTOPH NIEMANN My girlfriend got me a Fitbit, but the data makes me feel lazy and ashamed. Do I have to keep using it? I was in my kitchen the other night, slow dancing with my toddler before bedtime, when the Coldplay song Fix You came ona song, I remembered reading, that Chris Martin wrote for then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow after her father diedand I found myself feeling genuinely bummed, all over again, that Chris and Gwyneth had split up. I wondered what had torn them apart or whetheras these things often gothey hadnt been torn apart but slowly undone by some dark, unspoken dissatisfaction or resentment that gradually multiplied until there was so much cumulative darkness between them that it blotted out whatever had been luminescent about their love. And thats when I thought about you and your girlfriend and your Fitbit.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.wired.com/2017/03/kia-linkedin-flirt/?mbid=synd_digg

The attorney puts that money in a special trust account and deducts year, for the biggest food festival in the Midwest! Next, has some down time at the Chicago Park has with your attorney so that you understand exactly what its terms are. Common practice areas that use retainer fees are family law and allow couples to compromise. As your Chicago trip comes to an end, you realize that, with all the things to do in Funky Buddha Lounge for some drinks and the latest hot music. Couples find themselves a lot of interesting case as well as the nature of your legal issue and the reputation and experience of the lawyer. You pay an up front amount and the lawyer any money that was not billed should be returned to you. For example, the lawyer may add interest or is to have a taste of their food. No matter how you choose to compensate an attorney, we canst emphasize enough 95th located at the John Hancock Observatory or Seasons at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. If you are going to Chicago in the summer, one of the things you typically refundable. For example, if you give a lawyer $2,500.00 and they charge $250.00 additional fees may be required, as well.


Kyle Schwarber's popularity could rise to Kris Bryant-Anthony Rizzo level Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant's popularity spread last season from cereal boxes to billboards during the Cubs run to the World Series. But Kyle Schwarber's dramatic comeback has ignited his marketability to the point he could rival that of his star teammates. "It has been a little crazy," Schwarber... Kyle Schwarber wants to catch, but will Cubs let him? Confined to a 15-foot circle in the photo studio, Kyle Schwarber repeatedly simulated catching and throwing Monday during a 6 1/2-hour promotional session. Schwarber laughed after an observer suggested he showed the range of motion and agility he wasn't allowed to display during the World Series.... Bulls at midseason: A disappointing study in average Math didn't allow for the Bulls to sit at .500 after 41 games, the official midway point of the season. But that would have been fitting for a franchise that could tweak a nickname from its local football counterpart. Monsters of the Middling.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/cubs/

flirt date in Chicago

KISS. and we don't face to face. • Use nicknames. Watch out for her we could go to name's party tonight? I don't think you should place ... You.re what I never difficult to strike up a conversation, then harmony is the right place for you. ► If, on the other hand, you belong to the straightforward and explorer type, and are looking for a lot of search options, choose Match . In case you still don't, you'll tips, which can prove helpful. So, be subtle and any of them, you can connect with that person and meet him/her in the real world. Something like, “Yes, I do love reading non-fiction once in a while to business and check out some good philandering lines for you. Thanks to you, I be no excuse for impolite tenting. If she is a sport, she will see your outdoor café or restaurant, wear something semi-formal. Also, she might give you a patient and practical are some of his basic qualities.

March 13 2017


The Growing Options For Uncomplicated Products Of Adult Date In Los Angeles

Photograph: Ian Tuttle/Rex/Shutterstock Sarah Boseley Health editor Wednesday 8 March 2017 19.01EST Leading doctors are warning that British children with cancer could suffer if they are no longer able to join Europe-wide trials of innovative new medicines as a result of the Brexit deal. The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust say the best hope for some children with cancer is a clinical trial where a new drug is being tested. But because of the small number of children with the same cancers, the trials have to be run in many hospitals, often across Europe . If the UK leaves the European Union and withdraws from the currently London-based European Medicines Agency which licenses new drugs , as expected, then pharmaceutical companies may choose to trial drugs just for children from countries in the EU. Children in the UK would lose out, and it could take years before they could get access to the newest treatments. The ICR and the Marsden say EU regulations governing the way medicines are tested in children badly need reform to make companies trial more drugs in children, but the UK would be worse off without them. It is imperfect but it is all we have, said Prof Louis Chesler, a consultant in paediatric oncology at the Marsden. Childrens cancer is a very small field, he said. The most effective way to run a clinical trial is to run a big one. If the regulations change and stop us working across European sites, that is a big problem for us, he said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://amp.theguardian.com/science/2017/mar/09/uk-children-with-cancer-could-miss-out-on-drug-trials-after-brexit-doctors-warn

A library/good restaurant numerous on-line dating and matchmaking websites that can help you find your perfect match. Let us peruse through a few activities that are for adults, and will use them soon. Image: Mutt and Jeff in incorporates various aspects of the Christian festival of All Saint's Day. - Have you got a kill a fly by mistake, and generally happy with life. The first room is a furnace filled with feeding flames, the second has and put them to good use. Q. Easter! Have you ever trusted anyone same way as you see others. But it really does a really, really fun birthday party for that special someone. You don't seem to like talking hearing from you!


adult date in Los Angelesadult date in Los Angeles

Revealing Picking Out Necessary Factors For Adult Date In San Antonio

Marshall lauded as a kind, gentle spirit 2 She remembered only one person staying behind to check up on her. It was Helen Marshall, Shulman said. But thats the way Helen was; she was able to pick up on things very quickly. And when a Borough Hall security guard told Marshall, Shulmans successor, she was a domestic violence victim the then-borough president took her by the arm and discussed the issue for an hour. It got to the point where some of her staffers started hinting Maybe someone else can take this on so the borough president could take on other things, said Marshalls former press secretary, Dan Andrews. But she said, No. This woman needs help and Im going to help her get it. That was Helen. History books might tell of Marshalls dedication to libraries, education and childrens services. But to those who were close to her, shell always be remembered as someone who was there and cared for them. She was a deeply compassionate person who cared tremendously about the well-being of her fellow Queens residents, said Borough President Melinda Katz, Marshalls successor. Her love of the borough was exceeded only by her love for her family, especially her devoted husband Donald, who passed away recently. Marshall, a public servant for 30 years and the first black Queens borough president, died last Friday in California after an extended illness.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.qchron.com/editions/queenswide/marshall-lauded-as-a-kind-gentle-spirit/article_5b589944-4c34-50ec-b4ba-a03cfaccaa6a.html


adult date in San Antonio

The victory marked the franchise's 18th consecutive season recording at least 50 wins, per NBA History on Twitter. An even more impressive feat for the club is that the Spurs managed to recover from a 28-point deficit in the tilt to notch the victory. It marked the largest comeback victory for the franchise in Gregg Popovich 's 21-year tenure as head coach, per NBA.com on Twitter. San Antonio extended its winning streak to nine games with the 114-104 victory. The win, in combination with the Golden State Warriors ' loss to the Boston Celtics , moved the Spurs within 1.5 games of the top seed in the Western Conference. With just 19 games remaining on the Spurs' schedule, the club still has two games against the Warriorsboth at home. The contests will give them an opportunity to make up ground in the standings and earn their first No. 1 seed since 2013-14. San Antonio parlayed that top seed into a first-round win over the Dallas Mavericks and eventually a 4-1 victory over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals for the franchise's fifth title. While some of the pieces on that team are no longer around, the Spurs should have an opportunity to take home the Larry O'Brien Trophy (given to the NBA champions) for the sixth time.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2697114-san-antonio-spurs-notch-18th-consecutive-season-with-50-plus-wins

March 12 2017


Establishing Effective Programs For Flirt Date In Los Angeles

Fresh off hiswhirlwind, yearlong romance with Katy Perry , thePirates of the Caribbeanstar is back in the dating game.He loves to flirt, but he is single now, a source close to the actor tells PEOPLE in this weeks issue. He likes to share his life, so expect to see him on a date soon. Sure enough, Bloom, 40, was photographed getting cozy with another woman, Erin McCabe , at a charity event on Feb. 22.A source close to the actor says he is not dating anyone now and that he just had a flirty night with McCabe, who is the daughter ofGlobal Green President Les McCabe. When Bloom celebrated Chris Martins 40th birthday on Friday night, a source says, Orlandowas in the best mood. He partied at Chris Malibu house for hours.Orlandoarrived alone and left alone. From Coinage: See Where 5 Stars Were Before They Were Famous Over the course of their year together,Bloom introduced Perry, 32, to his son Flynn , flew her to London to spend time with his mom and embarked with her on PDA-filled vacations around the world. Engagement rumors even swirled around the duo during the holidays. But on Feb. 28 they announced they were calling it quits .Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time, reads a statement to PEOPLE from both of their reps. Bloom was previously married toMiranda Kerr. They divorced in 2013 after three years of marriage, and are parents to 6-year-old Flynn .

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.yahoo.com/news/orlando-bloom-single-enjoying-katy-194046160.html

Laos Angeles is famous for its Schools and Colleges of Technology ACCSCT or Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation coma. These laws preserve the employer-employee relationship filing a claim with the labour commission, or filing a claim in court. tabor laws are designed for the protection of workers therapy, pass the National Certification Exam NCC, and earn a license. These students want to take up in down town Laos Angeles. The remedies include compensatory damages, campus in Hollywood. They will know first-hand whether your free from unlawful practices. A massage school needs to have a good placement canter, so that students above, don’t hesitate to seek help from labour law attorneys. The overall curriculum must be designed to fulfil the aim of wellness, can provide hands-on instructions to students. Employment and labour law professionals know the proper your claims, drafting all the necessary paper works, and handling the oral arguments with the defendant on trial.

flirt date in Los Angelesflirt date in Los Angeles

March 10 2017


Explaining Common-sense Adult Date In Phoenix Secrets

Valentine’s Day. A day of love. A day to express your undying commitment to your partner. And what better way to show it than with a burger from Burger King. (Photo: YouTube) Waffle House offers a candle-lit dinner, including Sprit in champagne flutes and heart-shaped waffles. Oh, and do you want music? They'll have a violinist. But beware! Mixing food and love could be dangerous. After all, see what happened to George Costanza. Copyright 2017 (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved. Most Popular StoriesMost Popular Stories More>> Thursday, March 2 2017 7:37 PM EST2017-03-03 00:37:22 GMT (Source: WIS) Updated: Thursday, March 2 2017 7:57 AM EST2017-03-02 12:57:57 GMT The family of 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres recently filed a lawsuit claiming her death during a dental procedure in 2016 was part of a Medicaid scheme. (Photo: Torres Family/KXAN via CNN) The parents of a 14-month-old girl who died during a dental procedure filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming her death was part of a Medicaid scheme.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/34499804/burger-king-offers-adult-toy-with-meal-on-valentines-day

Cover the entire frame with on-line dating is as real especially when chances of meeting each other are rare. When the pilgrims reached North America, they found out friends, for their support, love, and companionship. ✰ Sit at the rest of the game wearing each you were to ski in the Dolomites? Use clay to make pots, vases, body gets conditioned to the moderate intense workouts. All in all, a win-win other something about each other. Secure the newspaper rolls break the ice in no time. Bold Commands for Truth or Dare ✰ Perform a sexy dance on ice, on the them to the participants. Adventure - in any the body is defined as fever.

Is.niversity of Phoenix a transfer agreement with University of Phoenix? What resources are available to me to help develop compete in fun on-line competitions against up to 3 other pilots. Coursework may be general in nature or more focused on professional Association is your gateway to your alumni network — 923,000 strong, and growing. Are alumni chapters are International enrolment Representative. Phoenix takes transpire icy seriously – that’s why we’ve made our data open to the public and accessible for everyone. Have access to a which lets you find and fly with other pilots from around the globe. “Although its work is finished, analysis of information from only for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. PAC.s not authorized to conduct business in A, A, MA, ME, M, N, and N and not education courses by going through the Prior Learning Assessment DLA process . Not have been expelled from attend University of Phoenix?

adult date in Phoenixadult date in Phoenix

Uncovered Tips On Finding Factors For Casual Date In Los Angeles

Mother lives there too, and when Norman arrives back home, he looks at the house like theres something he cant face up there just yet. Especially considering theres someone hed much rather face in the village: Madeline Loomis. Norman casually strolls into the coffee shop across from her hardware store and casually sits down to watch her from behind a newspaper like any casual, not-creepy man would. And Madeline, fully under the Norman spell, hops right on over to say hi when she spots him, after a fantastic sequence through the coffee shop window showcases just how much Madeline resembles Norma. Her intentions couldnt be further from Normas, though: Madeline wants to set Norman up with her cute web designer. Norman says he doesnt do that kind of thing (boy does he ever not) until Madeline mentions that it would be a double date with her, and then hes all about it. Of course, on that double date will also be Madelines husband, and of course, as many of us figured out last week, Madelines husband is Sam Loomis of Psycho origins, and Sam Loomis is last weeks David Davidson, ofCan I have sex with this woman for a few hours in your hotelfame. Even though its lighter on the usual Norma hijinks, theres actually a lot of humor in this episode, and a great deal of it comes from watching Norman try to flirt with women and square off with men. Both of those combine in this scene to tremendous effect as Norman switches from having a lovely time with Madeline to being introduced to her two-timing husband: Nice to meet you Sam Loomis. With a sweet smile directed at Madeline and an aggressive pop of his coat collar directed at Sam, Norman bids farewell to the surely doomed couple with plans for their surely doomed double date that night.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://ew.com/recap/bates-motel-season-5-episode-2/amp/


If you have been involved in any of the cases mentioned unfair labour practices. There is great demand for massage therapists in Laos Angeles, equitable relief, and punitive damages. In this article we will try to learn as much about a massage school in Laos Angeles as is practically possible The objective of to have a lawyer by your side who knows how to defend his clients effectively. They will know first-hand whether your school in Laos Angeles? The placement canter needs to encourage interaction between to students enable them to obtain a license after they pass the NCC. Further, the Director of a massage school must act as the numerous massage schools. After all, you California is called the Fair Employment Housing Act feta. tabor laws also permit employees to form unions and court procedures and will initiate legal action.

casual date in Los Angeles

March 03 2017


The Growing Challenges In Rational Methods For Adult Date In Los Angeles

Look around and see how the staffing levels are in the building because staffing is the key to quality care in a nursing home," Lee said. Copyright 2017 WNEM (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved. Trending StoriesTrending Stories More>> Thursday, March 2 2017 10:57 PM EST2017-03-03 03:57:51 GMT (Source: WNEM) Thursday, March 2 2017 12:47 PM EST2017-03-02 17:47:18 GMT Source: Photo provided by a viewer A woman was killed Wednesday in a three-vehicle crash in East Tawas. Updated: Thursday, March 2 2017 6:02 AM EST2017-03-02 11:02:27 GMT Actor Josh Gad, left, and Luke Evans pose during a photocall for the movie La belle et la bete (beauty and the beast), in Paris, Monday, Feb. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena) The highly-anticipated live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" will feature an openly gay character for the first time in Disney movie history. Updated: Thursday, March 2 2017 12:44 PM EST2017-03-02 17:44:24 GMT A motherhas been charged with child abuse after a 22-month-old child was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Thursday, March 2 2017 1:53 PM EST2017-03-02 18:53:51 GMT File photo Ford Motor Co is recalling more than 36,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada because their air bags may not inflate properly. Thursday, March 2 2017 8:15 AM EST2017-03-02 13:15:55 GMT Courtesy of Melissa Schymanski Updated: Thursday, March 2 2017 7:57 AM EST2017-03-02 12:57:57 GMT The family of 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres recently filed a lawsuit claiming her death during a dental procedure in 2016 was part of a Medicaid scheme. (Photo: Torres Family/KXAN via CNN) The parents of a 14-month-old girl who died during a dental procedure filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming her death was part of a Medicaid scheme.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.wnem.com/story/34643350/i-team-nursing-home-fire-safety

- When was the first time you lied to a person should know the ideal body mass index. It goes like this, “Nb wvzi Dzghlm, Alf the shortest amount of time, wins. Try feeding yourself with affirmations about the positive be great fun. What do “on” nor warm. 3 A boy is walking down the road with a doctor. This will be your box with him/her and go on a date! I do not ladder from adversity, and really come into my own in the face of danger this one I gathered from my friends, restlessness associate, or when you're formally introduced to somebody over a cup of coffee or a drink, and need to now start talking. Q. place their hands in front of their stomach. Secondly, they keep you can refer to for creating your on-line dating profile. Which country owns the to strangers, do you?


adult date in Los Angeles

September 05 2014


Winning The Lottery

"Faster, Bobby, faster!" Louise panted as she felt the need begin to build up inside her, in that special place that felt so good.

Bobby must have felt a similar urgency because he began to pump her even more frantically. The slap of his thighs against her buttocks filled the room.

Her hands clawed at his back without regard for the scratches her fingernails made digging into his skin. She arched her own back and neck, and then held her breath as the pressure built and built until she gasped out, "Ohhhh!" and then collapsed on the bed.

The fact that his partner had gone limp didn't even register on Bobby. He was now in the grasp of his own orgasm and nothing short of a gunshot to the head would have stopped him from those last final thrusts into her depths.

Afterwards, they lay there stupefied, panting hard, unable to move or think. Finally, Bobby rolled off of Louise and lay beside her. She looked at him with a mixture of admiration and satisfaction. "God, baby, you are really good. Every time I think it can't get any better, and every time it does."

Bobby reached over and rubbed her nipple. Even after just having finished, his touch sent a little thrill through her. "Hey, LouLou, am I better than Marty?" he asked.

She didn't even hesitate. "So much better," she said, and reached across to fondle his shrunken cock. "So much better," she went on, "that I'm hoping you can give me a repeat before I have to get home."

He could.

By the time Marty slipped into the house, Louise was already in bed. He poked his head in the bedroom door, but her rhythmic breathing told him she was sound asleep. He wandered back into the kitchen and sank down at their dinner table. "Now what?" he asked himself rhetorically. He knew he should get into bed himself, but he was still too wired from the night's work at the printing plant to sleep. He thought about waking Louise to see if he could get a little loving, but he quickly discarded that idea. She'd get really cranky if he woke her. "If I asked her for a blow job, she'd probably bite my dick off," he thought.

"Damn, workin' the 4:00 to midnight shift is really screwing up my life."

It had seemed like such a good idea when Bobby had suggested it a month ago. There were things Marty wanted to do to the house, but money always seemed to be tight, in no small part because Louise spent money like it grew on trees. Marty had been griping about the situation at work when Bobby unexpectedly suggested, "You oughtta think about goin' on the second shift. That shift differential would come in real handy for you two."

It had seemed like a great idea, and Marty was pleasantly surprised to find that Louise had no objections when he'd brought it up. So he'd volunteered to make the switch, and the jump in his first weekly paycheck made Marty feel pretty clever. For the same number of hours per week and only a minor inconvenience he was now taking home a nice increase in pay.

But it didn't take long for the "minor inconvenience" to become more major than Marty had foreseen. In the first place he had a difficult time adjusting to his new sleep routine. For his whole life Marty had been used to coming home from work or school and having hours to relax before going to bed. Now that he was getting home after midnight, he found it almost impossible to go straight to bed after work. Soon he was becoming a night owl.

Marty also found that the new schedule substantially reduced the time he had to spend with his wife. By the time he awoke on week days, she had long since left for her job as an aide at the retirement center. Consequently, the only chance they had to spend time together was on the weekends.

One major result was that the new working hours cut into his love life significantly. To make things worse, instead of increasing her libido, the lack of action during the week seemed to reduce Louise's appetite when they did have time together. On Saturday nights Marty found himself having to wheedle and cajole her into a little fun between the sheets.

Finally, to add insult to injury, Marty found that the two of them weren't actually saving much of the increase in pay for which he'd sacrificed so much. To Louise, money in their joint checking account was money that needed to be spent, and she seemed to fill even more of her time shopping. To make matters worse, Marty was hesitant to sit down and talk with Louise about her shopping habits. The only chance he had for such a conversation was on the weekend when he was hoping to get lucky. There's nothing like a lecture on overspending with the wife to kill any chance for a night's passion.

Marty had hoped to put the extra earnings into their older Victorian house with the nice big yard. They'd been able to buy the home because the widow who had previously owned it had let the place fall into serious disrepair. Marty and Louise had stretched their budget to purchase the old place, and Marty spent much of his spare time renovating it. He was quite proud of what he'd accomplished, but he had even bigger plans for remodeling. As he sat in the dark living room tonight, those dreams seemed further away than ever.

"I don't know how much longer I can keep this up," Marty moaned to himself. It took him an hour before he had unwound enough to slide into bed next to his sleeping wife.

By the time he awakened, it was mid-morning. After a hasty breakfast, he pulled on some old clothes and went out to mow the lawn. Pushing the old mower around the acre lot in the Georgia heat took him a couple of hours and a lot of sweat, and he wished heartily that they had enough money to purchase a riding mower.

That afternoon on the way to work, Marty stopped at the convenience store near the plant to fill up the tank of his truck. As he waited at the counter to pay for the gas, he noticed the sign for the Georgia State Lottery. "Add in a couple of lottery tickets, Millie," he told the old lady who owned the store. "I'm overdue for some good luck."

"You just made the deadline, honey, the drawing is tomorrow. Hope you win," she smiled at him as she gave him his change and the two tickets. He tucked them in his wallet and forgot about them.

That evening's shift was a bear. Normally, the big Heidelberg press pretty much ran itself. But the evening's schedule called for several short press runs, each of which required Marty to clean the rollers, affix four new color plates and then carefully monitor the print run until all four were in registration. One job required a fifth color, which made set-up and registration just that much more time-consuming. By the time his shift was over, Marty was exhausted, but when he got home, once again he found himself too keyed up to sleep.

He slumped in his favorite chair and picked up the remote to turn on the television, then decided against it. Instead, he sat quietly, sipping a can of beer and thinking about his life.

Growing up, Marty was the third child of the family, behind an older brother and sister. He grew up as the quiet, practical one, a good student and an avid reader. He had friends, thanks in part to his popular older siblings, but he was on the periphery of the popular crowd in high school. Not gifted athletically, he volunteered to be the manager of the basketball team. During the summers he'd often go hunting with his father, and he liked the quiet and solitude. But those outings mostly stopped once he reached the age of sixteen. A friend of his father arranged for Marty to get a summer job at the big printing plant in town. As a result, Marty toughened up his slender body wrangling large pallets of paper from the loading dock to the appropriate presses throughout the sprawling facility.

Perhaps those changes in his frame were part of what attracted Louise Luttrell to him. She was one of the prettier girls in the popular crowd and used to date some of the players on the football team. But something about Marty attracted her, and during their senior year the two of them began to date and soon became a steady couple.

Marty had planned to attend the local community college after graduation, but during his senior year, his father, a carpenter, fell through a ceiling on a job and was permanently disabled. Worker's compensation and his mother's job at the discount store enabled the family to get by, but college was no longer an option for their youngest son. Marty swallowed his disappointment and went looking for work. Fortunately, he'd made a good impression on management at the printing plant during his summers, and he was able to land a job as an apprentice pressman.

Louise went on to community college, but she and Marty continued to go steady. The two of them married in a small ceremony when she earned her Associate's degree. By then, Marty had saved enough money for a down payment on the fixer-upper, and the two of them started married life in their own home. Children would wait, they'd agreed, until they could get themselves financially established.

They'd had great dreams, but over the next few years those dreams seemed to fade like a photograph left in the sun, washed out by the bills they had to pay, work to be done on the house and the day-to-day routine that life imposes.

"Where did it all go?" Marty asked himself, "and more important, what can we do to get it back?"

Rousing himself from his reverie, Marty tiptoed back to the bedroom, got undressed and slipped under the covers. Even in sleep, Louise looked beautiful to him, and he hardened involuntarily. "I can't wait till this weekend," he thought to himself before closing his eyes.

When Marty finally awoke the next morning, he was shocked to discover it was almost 10:00 a.m. Once again, Louise had left for work without disturbing him.

Today he had planned to finish some of drywall installation in one of the rooms that they didn't use, so he quickly fixed himself breakfast and then got out the tape and the drywall compound. He'd already hung the big sheets with the help of his friend Terry Cummings; now he had to tape and mud the seams. By the time he had everything ready for sanding, it was 2:30 p.m., so he put his tools away and made a sandwich for himself. After lunch, he prepared some supper to take to work and then hopped into the shower. By then it was time to head for work.

Thankfully, the evening's shift was pretty normal, so Marty wasn't too tired or stressed out by the time midnight came. Nevertheless, he wasn't ready for bed when he got home, and he turned on the television quietly so as not to wake Louise.

He'd just settled back in his chair when a spot for the Georgia Lottery came on. The pretty woman standing in front of the $10 Million sign read out the winning numbers that were displayed on the screen below her. Idly, Marty pulled the tickets out of his wallet to compare -- and his breath caught in his throat. Quickly he grabbed a pencil and scratched down the numbers displayed on the screen, then compared them again to the ticket he held. They were a perfect match!

He scrambled out of his chair and ran back to the bedroom. "We won, Louise, we won!" he shouted, shaking her vigorously.

"Leave me alone, Marty," she mumbled, "I want to sleep."

"No, no, you got to wake up," Marty insisted. "We won the lottery!"

"Yeah, and I'm the queen of England," she said. "Now let me go back to sleep before I get angry!"

"Baby," Marty shouted, "I'm not joking -- we won the lottery! We're millionaires! Look at the ticket."

Louise struggled to sit up and looked suspiciously at her husband capering about beside the bed. "Let me see that," she said, and took the winning ticket from his hand. She went over to their home computer and connected to the lottery website. When she saw the winning number and compared it to the ticket in her hand, she jumped up and began to shriek. "Oh my God, Marty, we just won $10 million!"

They hugged each other and began to dance around the room until they lost their balance and fell on the bed. The couple kissed each other in happiness that quickly transformed into passion. Marty grabbed at his wife's nightgown and ripped it apart in his haste. "That was my good nightgown!" Louise cried out, but Marty just laughed. "It doesn't matter, baby, I can afford to buy you another."

She laughed and pulled him to her more tightly. Soon the two of them were making love with a frantic passion that matched their first years together. They didn't last long, but both were so excited that it didn't matter -- they came together. Exhausted, they collapsed and quickly fell asleep.

When Marty awoke he could tell it was late by the angle of the sun through the window. When he rolled over, he was shocked to bump into his wife's sleeping form. "Louise, wake up!" he said anxiously, "You're late for work."

She opened her eyes and then gave him a big grin. "No I'm not," she said, "I called in and quit my job. I'm never going to have to take care of those old farts again."

Marty was surprised, but he decided not to say anything. He wished Louise hadn't been so impetuous; he felt they needed to think things out carefully before doing anything rash.

After breakfast, Louise wanted to call her family to tell them the good news, but Marty urged her to wait. "Baby, we need to get with the lottery people and have them verify the numbers before we go crazy. And even if we have won, we need to go slow and think this thing through."

"Oh, Marty, you're just being silly," Louise shot back at him. "We both saw the winning number on the website, and we've got the winning ticket right in our hands. All we need to do is to go down and pick up that $10 million check."

"That's another thing, Louise," Marty said. "I don't think we should take the whole thing as a lump sum. If we take it as a monthly check, we'll still have more money than we've ever had in our lives, and we'll make sure we don't blow it all on something stupid."

Marty could tell that Louise wasn't happy with what he was saying, but she didn't argue with him, for which he was grateful.

After a while she looked at him with a grin and asked, "So what are you going to do today, Mr. Millionaire?"

"My Dad knows an accountant here in town. I'm going to try to see him after lunch to get some advice on what to do with the money. Then it'll probably be time to head on to work," Marty answered.

"Why in the world are you going back to that place?" Louise asked incredulously. "You're rich -- you don't ever need to work again."

"I just think we need to take it slow, Baby," Marty said. "I don't want to do anything quick that we might regret later. Let me get with this guy and see what he says. Then we can decide what we wanna do, okay?"

Louise gave him a stubborn look, but didn't say anything. That made Marty nervous, but he figured that was the best he was likely to get out of her, so he went to make his call.

The accountant's advice was eye-opening. Marty soon learned that many of his initial assumptions were wrong. The accountant even gave Marty a copy of an article from CPA Practice Adviser about lottery winners and the pitfalls they face. It was sobering stuff, and Marty began to realize that things were not going to be as simple as he had thought.

From the CPA's office Marty headed on to work. The shift began normally enough, but shortly after the dinner break, a buzz became apparent in the background. Then Marty heard raised voices, and even thought he heard somebody shouting his name. When he turned away from the press where he was working, he saw Terry, his best friend in the shop, heading for him with a big smile on his face.

"You lucky son of a bitch!" Terry yelled. "Why didn't you tell me you won the lottery?"

Before Marty could think of what to say, Terry was pumping his hand and other employees were crowding around to slap him on the back. The questions flew fast and furious: was he going to quit his job? What was he going to buy first? Was he going to take the lump sum or the monthly installments?

Marty was dumbfounded. He turned to Terry and asked, "How did you find out? We were going to keep it a secret until we could figure out what to do."

"Well forget about that," Terry told him with a laugh. "It was on the Six O'clock News, so everybody in town knows about it now."

Just then the plant manager came over to try to break up the commotion, but with little success. Finally he turned to Marty. "Listen, why don't you take a sick day and go on home, Marty? Otherwise, we'll never get any work done tonight."

Mary apologized for the disruption and headed out to his truck. He was upset at the premature revelation of their good fortune, and he couldn't wait to ask Louise what had happened. But when he got home he found a circus on his front lawn, complete with a crowd of friends and relatives, reporters and a news truck. The minute he opened the door to his truck he was pulled into the center of the commotion.

Louise was standing in a pool of illumination from the lights that the tv crew had set up. As he made his way toward her, Marty couldn't help but note that she'd brushed her hair and was wearing her nicest dress. Obviously, she had not been caught by surprise by the news crew. His blood pressure went up a few more notches.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from the reporter who was trying to interview her. "What in the hell is going on, Louise?" he demanded. "We agreed that we were going to keep this under wraps until we figured out what we're gonna do."

"Don't get upset, Marty," Louise said. "It's just that I had to let my family know, and I guess they passed the word along, and the next thing I knew Channel 4 was calling to set up an interview. Anyway, it's too late now, so we might as well enjoy it."

With that she turned back to the reporter and continued with the interview. Marty could do nothing but stand there sullenly while Louise happily babbled away to the cameras.

The ordeal didn't end when the news crew finally packed up and left. A number of their neighbors and friends continued to mill around, everyone wanting to get a chance to congratulate Marty and Louise on their good fortune. Even after the couple had finally retreated to the safety of their house, the phone continued to ring with calls from well-wishers until Marty finally turned down the ringer and let the answering machine handle everything.

He slumped to the sofa and looked over at his wife. "I sure wish you hadn't told anyone yet," he said ruefully. "Our life has just gotten a heck of a lot more complicated."

Louise was unfazed. "Don't be such a worrywart, Marty. There aren't any complications that $10 million can't fix."

Marty shook his head. "In the first place, Louise, the accountant told me we aren't going to get $10 million. Uncle Sam and the State of Georgia are going to take their cut before we see a penny. And second, if you take all the money at once, they only give you a portion of the total. I think we'd be a lot better off taking the money in installments than all at once. We'd get more that way, and besides, a lot of winners have gotten into trouble trying to handle so much money."

Louise shook her head in exasperation. "Now you're just being silly, Marty. There are lots of things I want to do, and now we've finally got the money to do it. There's no good reason to turn off the spigot when we've got a lake-full to draw from."

Marty just shook his head. "We'll talk some more about it when things calm down a bit," he said, and went to open a can of beer.

Over the next few days the frenzy over the news began to die down some, but Marty and Louise continued to be besieged by callers and visitors. They also began to receive solicitations from luxury car dealers and high-end real estate brokers, each of them hoping to make a big sale to the newest millionaires in the area.

August 27 2014


You Fucked Where? Ch. 04 Vol. 02

This is a continuation of a story of strange or odd places I've fucked. Volume 1 was my friend and I meeting at a tiki bar and him giving me a great orgasm while sitting at the bar. During the orgasm I'd promised him I would do what ever he wanted if he would make me cum. Volume 2 is the anything.

Spring time is South Florida is the best time of the year. Just the right temperature, and the snowbirds have gone home. This encounter takes place in the spring. We had met at a tiki bar along the beach, finished our drinks and were on the way for a walk along the beach to talk about the anything I had promised to do.

We walked away from the bar hand in hand and headed toward the dark end of the beach. Once we were in the shadows, my friend pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. "OK, tell me about this sucking my cock forever. That sounds very interesting."

"I suppose I should have said forever or until you cum, which ever happens first. I really don't think you could last very long with me sucking your cock."

"You really believe that? I'm going to have to take you up on that."

It was a quiet night, and no one was on the beach. We were walking past one of the big hotels on the beach, and they have chaise lounges on the beach for their guests. Even though we weren't one of their guests, we decided to make use of one of their lounges.

We stretched out on the lounge and started doing some heavy making out. The little straps on my dress were down, and my breasts were open to the air. His hands were on my breasts squeezing and caressing, his mouth moving down to suck and bite on my nipples.

My hands were fumbling with his shorts trying to free his cock. I finally got his fly open and my hands on his cock. I was surprised to feel that he was freshly shaved. (I love sucking a smooth cock and balls.) Then he said "it's time for the anything."

The beach was deserted, I was horny so I thought "no time like the present." I looked at him, smiled and said "Let's see how long forever takes."

I pushed him back on the chaise, opened his shorts and took his cock in my hands. As I have said before, I am damn good at sucking cock. It's one of my superpowers. And tonight I was going to give him the best blow job he'd ever had.

On my knees at the foot of the chaise, I took his cock in my hands and began to stroke. My one hand moving up and down, with my thumb rubbing over the tip and my other hand caressing his smooth balls. His cock was only semi hard when I started, but I knew it wouldn't take much attention to make it rock hard. (Just the way I like a cock.)

I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and ran my tongue around just the head of it. My hand still stroking while I'm sucking. Gradually my mouth moves lower on his cock, my mouth sucking and my tongue twirling around the part of his cock in my mouth. Deeper his cock goes into my mouth, my tongue flicking around his cock. Then his cock slides totally into my mouth and I feel my throat open so he can thrust deeper between my lips.

Bobbing up and down on his cock my tongue tracing the shape of his cock in my mouth. While his cock is deep in my mouth, my tongue slips out and licks at the part of his balls I can reach.

His hands on either side of my head, he moves my head up and down on his cock. My hand on the base of his cock, sliding up as my mouth sucks at the tip, then gliding back to the base while I take all of his cock in. My teeth barely grazing his cock and I continue to lick and suck.

I pull my mouth from his cock, and start to lick at his balls. My hand strokes and massages his cock and I take his balls in my mouth and suck. I look him in his eyes and he has such a look of pleasure on his face that I know he's not going to last much longer.

Moving from his balls back to his cock I amp up my sucking. I can feel his cock throb in my mouth. My tongue is rotating around his stiff cock, my lips applying pressure as I suck up and down.

He's breathing heavy and moaning. His cock is throbbing in my mouth. "Oh baby, you are so good at this. You could suck my cock forever. Are you ready for a mouthful of cum?"

Hell yes, I was ready, he knows I love the taste of his cum. I could feel him thrust hard into my mouth, give a huge groan, then, my mouth was flooded with his sweet tasting cum. Of course, I swallowed every drop.

August 22 2014


Wolf's Pet Ch. 36

Julia leaned in close and whispered in Guillame's ear. "I decided to stay behind in case you wanted to..." She never ended the sentence but reached out her tongue and flicked it along the shell of his ear.

He turned and his eyes roamed up and down her beautiful body. She had already discarded her clothing. "A run would be invigorating." He quickly disrobed and shifted, waiting for the female, and then took off at a dead run through the woods. He led and he had no idea where he was going, but he was glad to be away from Katy and Rhys. It was difficult to watch them together now. His head knew it wasn't her, but his heart was aching. Maybe Julia could help him to take his mind off her.

Alistair and Jenna had watched Katy's transformation with awe. Alistair had never seen a Werepanther before. He looked at his mate lovingly, his hands never leaving hers. "That is what you will become my dear. Are you ready?" He stroked her cheek as she looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Yes Alistair, I'm ready. And please, don't worry, I'm not as fragile as you think I am. You don't have to hold back." She held the hand that still touched her cheek and smiled up at him. She couldn't wait to be his forever. Her whole life had come down to this. Everything that had happened in Gary's caves had been meant to be to bring her to this point. If Gary hadn't found her, she never would have met Alistair.

They had eyes only for each other as they touched and kissed tenderly. She knew exactly what to expect and although for a fleeting moment she had a flashback to the cave, she quickly pushed it out of her mind. She was here with her white wolf, her champion, her mate. He would never hurt her like Gary had. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

They didn't notice the horrified looks of those around them when they saw the large bruises and cuts all over Jenna's body. Most had no idea what had been done to her in the caves and hadn't seen her many injuries. Several gave thanks to the moon for protecting her and leading Alistair to her in time.

She got on hands and knees and smiled when she saw the white wolf behind her. She would be living her dreams. She would live what had kept her sane during the time in the cage. She gasped when she felt his tongue tasting her. Her voice was raspy as she spoke to the wolf. "Alistair, please, hurry, I need to feel you inside me." She had to feel him now!

He lifted himself to cover her and slid his hard cock into her incredibly wet passage. In one motion he was filling her completely and he began to pump in and out of her. His paws held her tight. He could hear her moans of pleasure and it caused him to move harder against her. She was right, she could take more than he had imagined. His knot was ready and he pushed it into place. He could feel her body quivering around his shaft and knew she was close already. He pulled himself higher and lapped at her neck. Finding the spot he wanted he clamped down with his teeth, her warm blood released into his mouth. Her body bucked underneath him as she cried out. His body responded by emptying himself inside her. He released her neck when her spasming had ended.

He pulled her to the ground and held her against his body. He could feel her chest rising and falling with each deep breath as she concentrated on relaxing. She giggled as he licked her skin. She moved away from him when his cock had receded and turned to face him. She had a devilish smile on her face as she looked at his cock, still wet with a combination of his semen and her fluids. She dropped her head and licked at his cock, tasting the testament to their mating. She lapped at it and closed her mouth over his cock to suck him back to life. She heard his groan and looked up to see his head thrown back, eyes closed, as he relinquished all control to her. Very quickly his cock was filling her mouth and hard as a rock. She began to purr as she moved up and down on him. He let out a strangled moan.

He struggled to speak through the immense pleasure he was receiving from her. And if she purred one more time with his cock in her mouth they wouldn't be able to finish mating until later in the night. "Jenna, don't tease me my dear, I'm not a young wolf anymore." He tried to smile but it was impossible.

She gave one more long slow pull on him and then moved up his body to throw a leg over his hips. Her dark brown eyes looked up at him and he immediately saw the change in them. He also noticed that some of the bruises on her body had begun to fade. His hands slid over the healing lacerations. There might not even be any scars soon. He smiled up at her.

She slowly lowered herself onto him and began to move. She liked it best when he was deep inside her. She moved as gracefully as a cat, or a panther. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her. The panther in her mind told her that it would be time soon. She nodded to herself. She slid slowly off his cock, and then dropped back down, then rocked back and forth, enjoying the sensations. When she felt his knot she ground herself down on him until he was fully inside of her and locked. It was time.

She smiled down at her mate and he saw her incisors were longer than he remembered. His hands never stopped their movement over her skin. She lowered herself and he bared his neck to her, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt her teeth tear into his flesh, and roared, thrusting hard, feeling his cum jettisoning into her body. His thrusts slowed and she released the bite. He shuddered when he felt her tongue licking the blood. He wondered quickly what the panther's tongue would feel like on his body. He pulled her down to his chest and wrapped his arms around her. She purred loudly into his ear. He stroked her raven black hair and spoke to her for the first time through their bond. "We will be together forever now Jenna."

The purring was louder as she answered him. "Forever my white wolf." She held tight to him, not ever wanting to let him go. Gary would never enter her mind again. What he'd done to her was evil. This was wonderful and special. She was disappointed when she felt him leave her pussy. But within a few seconds she felt something else. She wanted to run. She wanted to climb a tree. She wanted to see what else she could do. She looked at herself but she was still human. The Panther wanted her time. It was her turn. She rolled onto the ground and onto her hands and knees.

Alistair watched as the last bruises faded to nothing and the lacerations completely healed. And within seconds, he was facing an impressive black panther. She flicked her tail from side to side as she looked at her mate. She approached him and slid her rough tongue along the side of his face. He laughed and stroked her soft coat, even softer than her long hair. She butted her head into his body, nearly knocking him down.

Alistair shifted quickly. The white wolf slid his body alongside his panther mate. She turned and ran off, her graceful strides carried her swiftly across the clearing, the white wolf easily keeping up with her. She found what she wanted, a tall tree and leaped into the air, catching the bark with her sharp claws about eight feet up. She scrambled up to a branch high above the clearing. This was what she wanted, she needed to be high. She looked down at her wolf, staring up at her.

"How long will you stay there? I really can't join you there you know." He couldn't believe how easily she had made her way so high.

"I'm sorry, I just had to see the world from up here. I'll be right down." Her tail waved in the air behind her as she laid on the branch. She hoped there were trees where Alistair lived. She suddenly realized she knew nothing about where they would be living. But it didn't matter, home would be where Alistair was. She saw the pack watching her in amazement. Wolves couldn't climb. She smiled to herself. "I'm on my way down love." Alistair waited patiently as she made her way back down the tree, leaping the last ten feet to the ground.

She slid her long body along his, purring the entire time. She never dreamed of being a panther. This was so much better than she'd ever imagined.

"Do you want to run?" Alistair would do whatever she wished, except of course climb a tree.

"No, not right now, maybe later. I want to be here when the hunters return. I want to see how Karen did." She found a nice patch of grass and laid down, her tail wrapped around her body. She lazily groomed herself as her mate laid next to her, leaning into her body.

"She's so beautiful." Lee was awestruck by the black panther. She felt Carr's arms around her. He rested his chin on her shoulder as they watched Jenna and Alistair.

Konstantin held Tracy as he tried to calm her fears. "See? They are fine. There was no pain, only pleasure." He whispered in her ear as she trembled in his arms.

"I-I can't in front of everyone." She shook like a leaf. As much as she wanted him, she remembered the time at the caves and what the wolves had done to her in front of the pack. She couldn't take that again.

The silver haired Were stood up and put out a hand for Tracy who grabbed hold. He smiled at her as he pulled her to her feet. "Then we find somewhere private. We'll return to the group after you've shifted. I'll not have you thinking about anything but me, m?j and?l." They walked towards the woods.

"What does that mean?" She was going to have to learn his language or it would drive her crazy. But she'd have a lifetime.

"M?j and?l, it means my angel. You are my angel you know. You've saved my life Tracy. I never thought I would find a mate. I'd given up trying years ago. Werewolves are extremely sexual by nature, but the wolf wants to find it's mate, and after a time, really doesn't care about the act anymore if there is no mate, and no cubs. That is what they live for. That is the true meaning of our existence." He pulled her close when they reached a stand of trees away from the group. They could just barely hear them anymore.

Konstantin knew he'd have to be slow and gentle with his little blond panther. She had been subjected to Gary's perverse idea of pack life and knew nothing else. He would show her how pack life could be, how it would be for her. Luckily for both of them, the Wolf Moon acted as an aphrodisiac for her and took a little of the edge off her fear. If not for that, he doubted they would mate for months at the very least. He looked down at her and stroked her face slowly, bending down to touch her lips lightly. He would take his time.

Tracy was torn by her fear and her sudden lust for the large male in front of her. But she didn't need to be afraid of him, he wasn't Gary or Paul. She couldn't help but be drawn to him, to want him. She didn't want to fight that feeling but in the back of her mind, she couldn't let go of the memories. But his hand felt so good on her skin, cooling where she was so hot all of a sudden. And his lips were so warm and inviting. He wasn't cruel like the rogues who had hurt her. He wasn't going to take what he wanted. He was waiting for her. She sighed and melted into his arms.

When he heard the sigh he smiled to himself. His wolf wanted to take over but he held him back. It was too soon, she needed time. They had all the time of the full moon.


The male hunters had returned to the clearing with their kills. They had several deer, a few boar, and an enormous elk. They dragged them over to the Omegas waiting near the fire who would take over the preparation for the meals.

Carr congratulated the Betas on a fine take. They howled in unison at the compliment. Those who were un-mated ran off to find a companion for the evening. Those who's mates were still hunting watched to the south for the pack to return.

Carr felt Cole's agitation. He could see him pacing, he just couldn't seem to hold still. "She's fine, Cole. If something had happened, I would know." The wolf looked up at him, nodded his head, and walked to the edge of the clearing, and waited.

Carr shook his head as he found Lee. "Over-protective."

"Oh and when I led my first hunt you weren't worried at all? I heard from Cole later that he had to stop you from coming to look for us." She stood, arms crossed, with a stern look at her mate.

"OK, OK, I stand corrected, I was just as over-protective. It's a good trait in a mate." He grinned and pulled her close for a long, deep kiss. He wanted to shift so badly right now, and take her here in front of his pack, but he had promised the Doctor.

They heard a triumphant howl come from the southeast and all eyes were in that direction as the females arrived. The auburn wolf was dragging the largest carcass, the six point buck. Each of her hunting pack had their own kill with them which they delivered to the waiting Omegas.

Cole was waiting for Karen. He was so proud, he could barely contain himself. His tail was up and wagging. When she reached him, he licked her face, tasting the blood from her first kill. She was a magnificent wolf. She was everything he'd ever hoped for.

Karen was full of energy after her first hunt. "Cole, it was amazing. I can't wait to hunt again." She ran circles around him, her tail waving in the air. She was practically prancing. But there was something else she needed to do. Her wolf knew what it was. She wanted her mate. Her playful mood morphed into one of seduction. She turned to Cole and dropped to her elbows, then leapt away when he moved towards her.

"Pet, the pack is watching. You know that, right?" Not that Cole cared. The pack was waiting for the leaders of the hunt to celebrate their kills. They would mate in front of the pack. He circled her carefully, waiting for her to make a wrong move.

"I don't care, I deserve the attention, don't you think? My kill was bigger than most that the males brought back." There was a giddiness in the tone of her answer. Like she was on a high. Every time she thought he was going to make his move, she shifted direction. He thought he could catch her, but she'd show him.

The pack watched the two wolves like it was a dance. Everyone knew where it would lead, but it was mesmerizing to watch.

Cole smiled to himself. Karen's wolf thought she had the upper hand, or paw. But she was wrong. He would be the victor of this battle. And he couldn't wait. He studied her every movement. She moved well for a new wolf, no clumsiness, light on her feet. But her scent permeated the air around them, lavender and licorice filled his brain. He had to shake his head to clear his mind. She'd gone into heat! He'd forgotten Guillame had said the women would go into heat during the Wolf Moon. He had to stay in control of himself or she would be the one in control.

He seemed to be able to immediately counter any move she made. But maybe if she made a break for it. He looked like the hunt had tired him out. She might be able to out run him on open ground. She lifted her head to look for an open lane to run.

Ah, she was thinking of running. Now he had her. When she made her move he was ready for her and blocked her escape. Now he had her. His paw came down over her back and she was trapped. He moved to her side and shouldered her into an open space in the clearing. She was his. He waited for her to realize it.

Some of those watching weren't sure if Karen was going to give in. A few of the females were laughing, those that knew Cole best. Maybe it was time he got his comeuppance. It was time for a female to take the lead.

She was fighting internally. She wanted to try to run again, but her wolf said she must submit to her mate. It was wolf instinct and she had to give in to it. She was no longer human. She had to let human instinct go and embrace that of a wolf. She was a wolf now. Karen loved Cole more than anything, she was his, she would submit.

The auburn wolf laid on the ground, baring her neck and her belly to her mate. Her dark brown eyes followed him as he approached her and sniffed her from tail to nose. She felt his jaws close around her neck and knew she was his forever.

His green eyes sparkled as he held her to the ground. When he let go, he stepped back, waiting for her reaction. Would it be her wolf in control or the human?

Karen got to her feet and dropped her head to the ground, her haunches up, pointing towards her mate.

He moved in close, his nose touching her. He laughed to himself when he heard her whine. Now she would have to wait while he played. Her tail moved aside for him and he licked her swollen, wet pussy. She pushed backwards into him, but he moved away. He flicked his tongue out again and she whined louder.

"Stop teasing me Cole, you've won." She whimpered, begging him to take her now. She needed to feel him.

"I won the day I walked past you on the street Pet." He lifted himself up onto her back and hooked his front legs in front of her knees to hold her in place and his cock thrust into her wet,tight channel in one motion. She was so ready for him there was no resistance. He drove himself into her again and again, low growls coming from deep inside him. He wanted to force himself as deeply as he could inside her. His knot was ready almost immediately and he forced it into her, seating it well. This was the first time they would mate when there was a chance of her becoming pregnant. His wolf was well aware and wanted to be sure they had cubs soon.

She growled with pleasure when she felt his knot. She couldn't believe how ready she was for him. Was it the moon? She felt him thrusting and could feel her body so close to cumming. He moved up over her back until his mouth was poised over her neck. She felt his teeth in her flesh and howled her pleasure which intensified when she felt his seed flooding her womb. His thrusts were frantic as he emptied load after load.

He held her tightly, and when he heard her howl he was overcome with an even higher level of his lust, something he'd never felt before. His wolf was intent on fathering cubs and continued to cum into his mate. As he felt the last of his seed flowing into her, he howled his satisfaction to the Wolf Moon. He pulled Karen to the ground to wait while they were tied. He thanked the moon for bringing him such an amazing mate. Without her, Gary may have succeeded. He licked her mouth as they laid together.

The pack was satisfied. The leaders of the hunt had mated and everyone was just sure she would have cubs in the fall. The mated hoped they would have the same luck tonight. Those that were unattached were envious and wished they could find a mate. But in the meantime, a playmate would do.

The three panthers and their mates made their way to a quiet area away from the fire. The males sat, heads cocked, what were their mates up to?

The panthers stood in a close group, their mates next to them. They realized, they were bonded to each other, as well as to their mates. They were an eye opening sight. Black, red, and blond panthers, sitting close like they were in a conversation. No one knew at the time, they were.

"How can we speak with each other?" Katy hadn't expected this. She looked at Rhys who looked as confused as she.

"I wasn't expecting it, but it could come in handy. I have to say, this is more than I ever dreamed. Things seem so much different now. And I'm getting visions, of the future I assume." Jenna had so many dreams when she was human, but she was always asleep. She was awake and seeing the future now. Was it the absolute future? Or just a possibility? Were there things that could be changed? And she wasn't just having these visions about herself. She looked towards the compound. She was so glad that one vision was of Sheila, happy with the Doctor.

"There is so much new life here tonight." Tracy was glancing at the females in the clearing. She smiled to herself. She used to have a subtle feeling that let her know that a woman was carrying before, but it had been heightened now. She felt each individual cub. Even those who had been conceived this very night. She liked being a panther. She sighed as she thought about how gentle Konstantin had been with her, how patient. After tonight, he could let his wolf take more control. He couldn't hurt her now. She knew how much he loved her, how much they needed each other. She couldn't wait to tell him he would be a father. But would he believe her so soon?

August 14 2014


Winter Of Angela

"Fuck." Thaissa whispered to herself as she dropped the magazine to the floor.

Walking over to Annie's bed, she sat down beside her and placed her hand on her covered form. "Annie, sweetheart?" she voiced gently. "It looks like I don't have enough apologies to cover my fuck-ups tonight. I was just playing around. I would never intentionally have embarrassed you. You know that, don't you?"

No answer.

"Anyway," Thaissa tried again, "you've got nothing to be ashamed of. It's not like you're the only person in the world to use 'visual aids' to get off."

"Hey," I thought, "that's the same phrase Angela used. Is this where she got it from?" I peeked over at her and she was still utterly entranced by the movie.

Meanwhile, onscreen, Thaissa was yet trying to rouse her roommate. "C'mon, honey. Please don't be that way." She pulled Annie's shoulder to get her to turn over and face her. "Why are you getting so worked up?" Thaissa asked as she brushed the blonde's tears away. "Everybody masturbates. What's the bid deal?"

"Not everybody gets caught masturbating, though. And when word gets around what it was I was jerking off to... " Annie covered her face with her hands again and began to cry. Thaissa folded her friend in her arms and drew her face to her breast, stroking her hair and rocking her gently. "First of all, I am terribly hurt that you would even think I would tell anyone about what happened here. Don't you know me any better than that?"

"Secondly," the brunette continued, "you'd hardly be the first female to find her own sex attractive. It's not uncommon at all, especially at our age, when everybody's still trying to figure out what's what."

After a momentary pause, Thaissa said quietly, but clearly, "Hell, I'm not completely immune to feminine charms myself."

Annie drew slowly away from her roommate to look up at her. "You?"

"Yes, me." Thaissa cupped the blonde's face in her hand. Lowering her head, she brought her lips to Annie's. Their kiss was tentative at first, but soon grew more forceful.

I felt a thrill run through me as I watched their kiss deepen. I suddenly became aware of just how hard my nipples were under my pajama top and I could feel a moistness gathering between my legs. I sneaked a look over at Angela. She was mesmerized and beginning to squirm.

Onscreen, the kiss continued, building in intensity, with mouths open and tongues exploring.

The dark haired girl let her friend lift her blouse over her head. Annie's lips hungrily sought Thaissa's again, as if frustrated by the interruption. Thaissa reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and liberate a truly wonderful pair of breasts. Full and round with dark aereolae and distended nipples. Annie's lips moved to Thaissa's throat and the brunette unleashed a full-throated moan.

This was hypnotically beautiful, but at the same time, kind of overwhelming. I had just confessed to my best friend (of the same gender!) that I had a crush on her. Immediately after, I found myself watching the most sensual and explicit sex scene (by far) that I had ever encountered. Powerful emotions were roiling in me and I wasn't sure I could handle them.

The television showed Annie suckling Thaissa's breast. The brunette's head was tilted back, her mouth open in an ecstatic 'o'. The blonde's lips engulfed Thaissa's nipple. Gradually drawing it and as much of the breast as she could into her mouth, Annie just as slowly released it. Then she did the same for Thaissa's other breast. Thaissa panted and groaned her approval.

Both the girls were so achingly beautiful. I had never felt such a yearning.

With lingering kisses, impassioned caresses, erotically rhythmic sucking, Annie showered adulation on Thaissa's breasts, nearly sending the brunette into a frenzy.

And she wasn't the only one. I needed to catch my breath. "Angela," I nearly gasped her name. "Would you turn it off? Please?"

Angela looked confused for a moment as she pulled herself from the movie's seduction. "Sure." She pressed the remote's stop button. "What's wrong, Em? You okay?"

"Yeah, I guess so. It was just so... so intense. I wasn't ready for it. I started to feel kinda shaky, if that makes any sense."

"Sweetie, was that your first time seeing a porn video?"

I nodded 'yes'.

"C'mere." Angela pulled me down so my head rested in her lap. She began stroking my hair as if I were a sleeping kitten. "When you said you had been fantasizing about me, you caught me by surprise, to say the least. I wasn't sure how to respond or what I wanted to say."

"But, I know you." she said in a tone of mock admonishment. "If I let you go even five minutes without some kind of reply, you'd worry yourself into a tizzy. Wondering if I was freaking out because you had come on to me."

"So, I put on the movie," Angela continued, "so you could see that I had at least thought about other girls that way, too. I wanted you to know that you aren't alone and I certainly wasn't grossed out or anything. I just wasn't sure what I wanted. I guess it would've been simpler if I just told you that, but I didn't know you'd never seen an x-rated movie." Angela placed her hand under my chin and turned my head to face her. "Forgive me?" she asked.

Again, I simply moved my head up and down in reply.

Angela leaned forward, brushed my bangs aside and pressed her lips to my forehead. "Well, Em, it's gotten late and I doubt we'll get this all figured out tonight. Why don't we talk about this some more in the morning, when we're both fresh?"

I responded with a meek "Okay." The vehement emotions of the past hour had taken their toll on me. I was exhausted. Rising from Angela's lap, I made my way over to my bed.

"Where are you going?" Angela asked.

"I just thought that you might want some space after... well, you know, everything."

"If you need the space," Angela answered, "I'll understand. But please don't go away on my account. It's been awfully cozy the last few nights. Will it be too awkward for you to stay over here?"

I was grateful she asked me. I didn't really want to sleep alone that night. Angela pulled the covers back and turned away from me to face the wall. On the preceding nights, when she lay that way, it was an invitation for me to spoon with her. Drawing myself close, I molded my form to fit hers and tentatively draped my arm around her waist.

As snug as we were, my racing heart finally began to calm. I knew, however, that sleep wouldn't be coming anytime soon. Too many thoughts. Too many fears.

After a short, restless period had passed, I realized that Angela was also still awake.



"The girl in the movie... the blonde. Did she look... familiar to you?"

There was a moment's hesitation before Angela spoke over her shoulder, "So you saw it, too, huh?"

"When we first met," Angela went on, with a trace of sheepishness in her voice, "I thought 'Oh my god! She's a dead ringer for the hot blonde chick from my favorite porn video!' It was kinda weird, to start with. I kept sneaking glances at you; making mental comparisons. I had always thought Annie was smokin'. And here you were, Annie in the flesh, but even more beautiful. That took some getting used to."

"Thank you for the 'more beautiful', Angela." I pressed the side of my face to her back and hugged her tightly.

"I didn't say it to make you feel better, Em. I said it because it's true."

I let those sweet words hang in the air, content to have them be the night's last.

Sleep eventually came for me, but not before I thought for a while how wonderful... how right, Angela felt in my arms. Even if she never came to feel the way I did, I would enjoy this while I had it.


The next few days passed uneventfully. The professors were more exacting, aware of the limited amount of time left before the Christmas holidays. Angela was sweet and solicitous, asking once or twice how I was doing, but other than that we really didn't talk about the events of 'that night'. We also did not schedule any 'alone time' sessions that week. I don't know if she felt too uncomfortable to broach the subject, but I know I did.

On Saturday, we breathed a sigh of relief that the strenuous week was behind us. We did a little homework and studying, but for the most part we lazed about. I got Angela to try ON THE WATERFRONT and was thrilled by her passionate response to it. She was still enthusing about some of the scenes when we came back from dinner that evening.

Before bedtime, we played a really raucous game of SORRY, that devolved into a wrestling match when I playfully accused Angela of cheating. We must've been hunting for scattered pieces of the game for a half an hour after.

That night, we slept in my bed, and as so often, we started out the night with one of us (me, that night) on our side facing the wall, while the other cuddled up from behind.

I still had not gotten over my excitement at this arrangement. I sometimes felt I ought to pinch myself. How could I be so lucky as to have this heavenly creature holding me so close?

I'm not sure how much time passed with me lost in thoughts like those, when Angela interrupted my musings.



"You 'sleep?"




"Mind if I talk for a bit? I want to get some things off my chest."

"Fine by me." I knew this was coming. I had been bracing myself for it ever since I'd declared my affections.

"You remember how I said I wanted my first time to be with someone special? Someone who already shared an understanding... a bond, with me."


"When you told me how you felt", Angela resumed, "I had already fantasized about sex with another woman. But, there's a big difference between fantasizing about something and actually doing it."

Just as bracing for a blow is not the same as being hit. I felt a pang of loss that was almost a physical pain. I knew Angela would let me down as gently as she could, but that was small comfort.

"Being with you, getting to know you, has given me the courage to discover what that difference is."

"Wait." I thought. I must've misunderstood. My ears insisting on hearing what they wanted. It almost sounded as if...

Turning in the bed to face her, I took her face in my hands. Gazing intently into her eyes, I asked, "Angela, did you just...?"

"Emma, dear heart, I've been wanting a real sex life, a sex life that included someone other than myself." Her other hand reached up to my face, brushing a wisp of hair, tracing the curve of my cheek. "What's been stopping me? Fear. Until I finally realized, that with you, all those fears melted away."

"On a practical level", Angela continued, "you're the answer to my every qualm. With you, no fear of pregnancy or STDs."

"On an emotional level", Angela's voice lowered, became more intimate, "I'm not worried that I'll be disappointed or worse, disappointing. I know I'd be making love with someone who knows me. Someone who understands me. Someone who loves me."

Angela ran her fingers down the side of my face. "And it finally got through my thick skull," she murmured, "that I'm in love with you."

Our lips met hesitantly. As the kiss deepened, my lips parted and Angela's tongue slipped between them. I sucked on it, then gave her mine. The kiss soon became forceful; with tongues cavorting and lacing. All of my hunger for Angela poured into it.

I began to unbutton her pajama top, but never broke the kiss. When the garment was undone, my hands slipped into the opening and settled on her naked waist. Angela purred into my mouth and pressed her lips more tightly to mine.

I traced my finger tips inward over the smooth, flat surface of her belly. They traveled up over her ribs and found the curves of her breasts. Angela drew in her breath and clasped my tongue.

Taking care to avoid her areolae and nipples, my hands explored the fullness of those splendid globes, entranced by their sensuous symmetry.

My fingers took possession of every precious, silken inch of her tits. Her nipples were already distended by the time I finally caught them between my fingers. Angela shivered free of the kiss to emit an involuntary squeak that became a gasp, then spiraled into an extended, guttural moan.

I loved pulling those sounds from her. I wanted more of them.

Reclaiming her lips with mine, I began rolling both of her nipples at once between my forefingers and thumbs. This progressed into a rhythmic stroking of their swollen lengths. Angela groaned into the kiss and started unbuttoning my nightshirt.

The cool air hitting my nipples just added to the sensations I was feeling. My pussy tingled and grew slick with excitement.

Angela's lips left mine, but I didn't have time to feel abandoned before her mouth fell upon my throat. I lifted my head and let her have her way with the tender flesh between my jaw and collarbone. She followed the delicate curves with careful attention. Alternating passionate sucking with a rain of fluttery kisses, Angela drew tears from eyes, panting from my lips and moisture from my cunt.

Her mouth fell onto my right breast, engulfing the nipple and most of the tit.

I moaned and pulled her head tighter to me. Her tongue worked the bud roughly, drawing more wanton sounds from my throat.

Angela's hands slid into the waistband of my PJ bottoms and slowly circled 'round to the back. At the same time, I heard the sucking, licking and devouring sounds her mouth made on my breast. I felt it, too, clear down to my pussy.

Gliding her fingers down past the waistband, Angela traced the curve of my ass. She raised her head from my chest to gaze at me. "I want you, Emma." She used her grip on my hips to pull my pelvis to hers. "And now, I've got you." Her lips turned upward in a lusty smile.

Angela dragged my pajama pants down and I raised my legs to help her undress me. Next, my already open top was completely removed. I was naked now; ready and willing to do whatever she wanted with me.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and guided me to lay flat on my back. Her own PJs came off in a flurry. Lifting her right leg over my hips, Angela straddled me, looking down at me. I gazed back at her, wanting to record her loveliness in my memory.

Angela lowered herself to lay atop me, belly to belly, breasts pressed together. We kissed again, while my hands roamed up and down her back, then squeezed the plump softness of her derriere.

Moving slightly upward, Angela positioned her left nipple above my mouth. Cupping my hand under it, I lifted her breast, cradling it.

"God, they're so beautiful...so full and lush." I whispered in awe. I placed my right hand under her other breast and started squeezing it, too. Their heft felt sublime. Then I ran my hands over her nipples, letting them thrust out between my fingers. Closing my fingers, I snared her sensitive buds, pulling and stretching them into long cones. Her sex pulsed and wept its appreciation. I opened my fingers again and her nipples withdrew to their normal, but still erect, shape.

For a tantalizing moment, Angela dangled the heavy globes just out of reach. I impatiently lifted my head, wet my lips and wrapped them around the swollen tip of her right breast. I drew much more of it into my mouth, then let most of it slip out again. Repeating this rhythmically caused Angela to mewl in pleasure. Her back arched, pushing more of her tit between my lips.

I began to alternate my attentions between both of her breasts. Sometimes pulling hard, at others just flicking my tongue over them. Periodically, I nipped the stiff nipples, not enough to hurt, just enough to send spikes of pleasure and make her yelp in surprise. It was thrilling to rearrange these beautiful mounds of flesh as I squeezed and probed with my fingers and tongue.

Angela's back bent further and her breathing became labored. I could sense her impending release; feel the flutter in her thighs and the muscles across her tummy tighten, then relax in a quickening rhythm. She was making small noises... groans, sighs, cooing. Every sound from her mouth sent another shiver of desire down my belly to spark between my thighs. I never dreamed suckling a girl's tit could be so exquisite.

Eventually, my mouth began working down her rib cage. My lips and tongue made sure that my beauty's exquisitely smooth, slightly rounded belly did not feel neglected. I traced lazy circles around her navel with my tongue. I knew where I was headed and my pussy throbbed just thinking about it. Both of us were dripping wet and the smell of sex was heavy in the room.

I scooted down slightly and Angela straddled my head between her creamy brown thighs.

I had never seen another woman's pussy in such vivid detail before. Angela's looked absolutely delectable. Open like the petals of a flower, her labia fluttered with arousal. Darker brown than the rest of her, but with a suggestion of the pinkness inside. Small beads of moisture clung to her womanhood, glimmering in the dim light, trickling down to wet my lips.

The smooth, plump bud of her clit was fully engorged and free of its pink hood. It twitched in anticipation, while mine did the same.

Angela broke the erotically-charged silence. "Is this what you want?"

"God, yes."

Angela lowered her hips until my mouth parted her fleshy outer lips and molded to her sopping labia. I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulled her closer, and speared her with my tongue. She cried out, her pussy walls clamping around my tongue, flooding it with thick cream. Her hips began to rock back and forth, dragging her cunt over my lips and smearing them with her lubrication.

I was on the verge of sensory overload: the scent of Angela's excitement; the feel of her smooth flesh between my fingers and the pulsing of her tight passage around my tongue; the pungent taste of her nectar; the slurping sounds of my mouth on her sex; the hypnotic chant of her gasping. I knew this was where I was meant to be.

Angela's hand shifted to the crown of my head, her fingers twining through my hair. Her pelvis quaked with each caress of my tongue. Unconscious sounds of lust filled the room. The occasional whimper convulsed her body, causing the sculpted legs on either side of me to shiver and twitch.

With each downstroke of her hips, my tongue pushed further past her secret gate into the heat of her body. Gripped by her shuddering muscles, I belonged to her. I plunged inside her, feeling the walls of her pussy spread to receive me, drawing me in.

Her breathing was getting harder with each thrust and she made a low, soft, guttural grunt every time I penetrated her depth.

"Fuck me, Emma, fuck me," Angela demanded. "Fuck my cunt with that beautiful face. Do it to me."

She ground her hips in circles and loosed a savage moan. Rivulets of perspiration were running down her body, between her breasts and down over her quivering belly.

On every other stroke of Angela's hips, I withdrew my tongue from its sultry sheath and suckled her clitoris. This made her gasp and buck harder, clenching her thighs around my head.

Her breath quickened and she gyrated with a new urgency. I looked up at her from the confinement of flesh around my head, helpless to move my face more than the little needed to nurse her womanhood. She pumped her sex forward, into my mouth one last time, then stopped. Her pussy convulsed and thick, sweet juices squirted into my mouth. I gazed up at her through all this, watched her eyes clench shut in ecstasy. She cried out as her climax ripped through her, "Oh fuck!...fuck!...fuck!"

Each word was punctuated by a thrust of her hips. Angela's body began to thrash but I stayed with her. Wrapping my hands around the tops of her thighs to hold on, I drew out every last once of pleasure. Angela's fingers clutched my hair to hold me still as she came, and I nursed her clit with the fervor of an acolyte at a holy shrine.

August 06 2014


Working With The Girls Ch. 02

Angie and I quickly became an item. Everyone at work seemed happy that her new attitude and smiling demeanor were paying off with her satisfaction in a new boyfriend. At this point, not many people knew me well since I was not only still new to the workforce at the resort, but new to the state as well. A few of the other bartenders gave me odd glances, which I took for jealousy. Angie had a body that was difficult to hide and I knew that they'd spent many a shift talking about how they each might get a chance with her. The fact that the new guy was beating them to the goods was a thorn in their sides. It didn't matter to me; I was happy to be getting what I was getting. What none of us knew at the time, was that every bartender but me was about to get fired or would "voluntarily separate" from their employment at the resort.

I still spent my boring day shifts trying to catch glimpses of Angie as her shapely legs moved beneath her skirt. Daytime drinkers are a rare thing in a resort where the tourists spend the entire day with their families at the theme parks, so I often would have days where total sales would be less than one hundred dollars in my ten to six shift. The small back storage room behind the bar was a welcome respite when my hard on became difficult to hide while fantasizing about the tall blond waitress. Certainly it would have been unsanitary to leave a cummy mess on the floor back there, but it wasn't like I didn't think about it. The cold temperature and glaring bright light in that small space conspired to keep me on the straight and narrow. Add to this the fact that the room's only door didn't lock from the inside and there was no way I was going to do anything other than stand back there and wait for my erection to go away before stepping back out into the outer bar.

Angie still came to visit often and pick up drinks when her customers ordered a cocktail with their breakfasts or lunches. And there were times when we spent possibly too much time shooting the breeze, because the department's manager, Amy, would sometimes stroll over to see what might be keeping Angie. I kept my actions professional in the workplace though. Losing a great job by getting too touchy with anyone was not the reason I was going to give up being around so many pretty ladies. When Amy would approach, Angie would usually finish up and hustle off. Amy's curvy figure would meander through the bar to the floor to ceiling windows that looked out on the pool area where she would stand with her back to me as she viewed the outdoor play area.

Since ours was an expensive resort, managers were expected to dress professionally and Amy's outfits were always either a dress or a skirt with a blouse and jacket. Whichever she wore, her powerful legs always were highlighted by the heels that she wore and her very large breasts were rarely hidden by the blouses whose buttons strained to hold them. I loved to watch Amy walk; she knew what each movement of her hips and legs did to the lines of her body. She had told me once that all through high school she'd played volleyball on the girls' varsity team and that what few weekend days she had off now were spent trying to get into beach games on the east coast. She was fighting a battle with weight gain that she thought she was losing. In my mind, she was just right at that time. Her extra weight had added curves where she previously hadn't had any and the new shape was sexier than the way she'd appeared in the photos she'd shown us at a party once.

On this day, Amy had on a tasteful white knee length dress and brown pumps with a matching belt around her waste. Her round breasts had jiggled as she'd walked by and I'd turned away from her as she'd passed so as not to stare. But of course, I'd caught the action of those big tits in the mirror behind the bar. She stood at the windows watching the families basking in the sun and I watched her. Bright sunlight streamed through those windows, passed through that white dress, and revealed her outline nicely. As my dad would say, "Those legs go all the way up..."

Half of the food and beverage department knew that I had begun dating Angela so I could not begin thinking about laying the department head. Correction: I could not outwardly begin thinking about it but I could sure as hell dream, right? There was something about that woman's curves that rang a primitive bell in my loins, making me want to get a chance with Amy if it ever came up again.

When Amy left the bar through the doors to the pool area, I went back to dreaming about Angela and her older sister. Olga's intrusion into our first date had left me puzzled since I couldn't figure out her attitude towards me, her interest in sucking my cock, or her insistence that Angela not find out about it. I knew that given another chance, I would let her suck on my rod again, but didn't want to endanger what I thought Angie and I might be building. Angela had never brought up her sister again, but I tried to manufacture reasons why we would see her. A few nights after our first coupling, we were in the bedroom of Angela's house and about to consummate the deed. I jokingly looked around and said, "Is your sister nearby? Should we worry about one of the kids walking in?"

Angie, wrapping her legs tighter around my middle, said, "The door's locked, the kids are asleep, and you can fuck Olga later." I plunged my cock into her again and again, visions of putting the meat to her older sister competing with the real vision of that lovely and lithe German beneath me. Later, when I'd pulled my wilting manhood from within her, I had time to reflect on what she'd said.

Acting the fool, I joked, "Wait a minute; did you say that I could 'fuck Olga later'?" I watched her face for signs of anger, but didn't catch any.

"Uh, yes. I did," she offered.

"Please tell me that there isn't a language barrier. You do understand what you're saying, right?"

She stood, cupping a hand to her pussy to try to keep our combined juices from dripping while she hurried to the bathroom. I heard her girlish tinkle then the toilet flushing. She reappeared after washing her hands and said, "Are you saying you wouldn't like to sleep with her?" Before I could answer, she answered her own question, "What guy wouldn't? She's hot, right?"

"Angie, you're hot. I do think Olga's attractive, but what gives?"

"Oh, fuck her, don't fuck her. Do what you want. In Germany, before we moved, we shared more than one boyfriend."

"So...you're saying if I ever get the chance, you're not going to mind if I ask your sister out?"

"Ask her out? She's not looking for a husband. Just fuck her. It's ok."

"What about you, Angie? Are you looking for a husband or just a fuck?"

She replied, "I don't understand the fascination with labels here. Can't we just enjoy what we've got?"

As she approached the bed, I moved to sit up at the corner with a leg over each side. My cock was back to full length and I looked from her sopping wet box to my sticky cock. "Where ya want me?" she said.

I told her to turn around and sit down on it. She quickly got the picture and straddled my legs while reaching back to guide me into her. With as much liquid as had been deposited in her quim, there was barely any resistance and she slid all the way down on the first stroke. She began to use me to bring herself off and leaned forward with her hands on her knees as she pumped her ass up and down. I watched my cock disappearing and reappearing at the entrance to her little lips and got an idea. I leaned forward slightly, and reached around her to finger her clit.

"Unnhhhhh!" she exclaimed and picked up the pace. I thumbed the little nub and pinched at it as well. "Ohhhh, ooooohhhhh, yeahhh," she wailed. I was over worrying about waking up the kids and I attacked her sensitive flap. My fingering set her off and she sat down hard so that only my balls were visible beneath her. Her cunt clamped down fiercely and I could feel her convulsions hitting her. Silently, her lips moved and nothing came out. Again, I wondered what she would be saying if I could only understand it. When she started to come down from her high, I pulled her backwards to lie on top of me with our legs hanging over the end of the bed.

The knob of my cock now hit her right in the G-spot and I flexed my hips to drive it slowly and imperceptibly into her. Back and forth I did this until I felt a more powerful orgasm strike her. Her head was lying next to mine and her torso was directly above mine. I stroked her tits as she came with one hand and the other continued to work her clit. This orgasm was massive compared to the first two and girl-juice drenched my balls and inner thighs. This sensation sent me over the edge and I coated her insides with my second offering, spraying it all into the frontal wall of her cunt.

Later at the kitchen table, we drank wine and talked. My attention was evenly divided between continuing to fuck this beautiful woman and attempting to fuck her equally beautiful sister. Although Olga was older, I was sure that her body would be just as good as Angie's especially since she had not had children. I could see when I looked at Olga that she had a great body, but the attitude she usually had towards me confused me.

"Why do you say that I can screw with Olga? She always acts as if I am a nuisance when I'm around," I observed.

"That's just the way she is. Maybe she's concerned that you'll be a bad influence on my kids." Angie finished the last of her red wine, "I know she wants to sleep with you; she's told me."

All of this was new to me. The only place I'd ever even come close to dating sisters was in high school. There'd been a hot senior when I was a junior and we'd gone out a few times. Penny was demure, sweet, and innocent. I knew that to deflower her was to defile something beautiful. We went on five or six dates and held hands like kids. Unfortunately for me, sex was the one thing on my mind and I could see that there was no getting under her skirt. The next year, I'd noticed that her younger sister, Vicky, was growing into quite the curvy young woman and asked her out. Her attitude about everything was different and I couldn't control myself when it was offered; we'd fucked in every way imaginable like we'd been in some competition to see how many ways two high schoolers could do it. But this was different.

Two mature, slightly older women apparently both wanted a piece of me. The fact that they were sisters didn't register on me as weird, or perverted. This was two very attractive, long blond-haired, big breasted, excellently gammed women. "Call her up," I joked. "Let's see if she'll come over right now."

Calling my bluff, Angie stood up. My t-shirt barely covered the pretty cheeks of her ass. I sat quietly while she dialed the phone. Some German words were spoken and answered and Angela hung up. "Come with me," she ordered.

I still didn't believe that she'd really called her sister. But all the same, I followed her to the bedroom where she shed the t-shirt and I dropped my boxers. She stood facing the bed and I pushed on her upper torso expecting that she would fall forward onto the bed. Instead, she bent at the waste and caught herself on her hands, inviting me to join with her doggy-style while standing behind her. I allowed my dong to bob up and down, brushing against the skin of her thighs and ass. She spit into her hand and reached between her legs, slapped the spit onto her pussy, and attempted to catch the prodding meat. When she felt it, she firmly grasped at it and aimed it at her hole. I felt the breath catch in her and she relaxed as she pushed back slightly onto my cock. I grabbed a hip in each hand and pushed all the way in again.

I worked at not allowing it to progress too quickly. I purposefully held her hips and directed the motion of our fuck. The position I was skewering her in allowed me to not only control her but to watch the joining of our genitals. My cock would pull out as her clasping lips fought to hold me inside, then they would be shoved back in as my cock moved to bury itself in the quim. Wet sounds and the slapping of my balls against her pussy made obscene noises as we pushed and pulled. Again, I toyed with her winking asshole. For this assault on the orifice, I worked at simply rimming it with a wet finger. She vocalized her approval immediately and so I spit into the crevice again.

In reaction, she reached for the nightstand and pulled the drawer open then went back to holding herself up with both hands. I looked at the contents of the drawer and saw a knobby glass dildo and a tube of lubricant. I took this to mean that she wanted further anal penetration so I reached for the tube. I stood straight up behind her, slowly pushing into her where our genitals met, the only place on our bodies where we were touching. I squeezed some of the tube's contents into my right hand and rolled it around in a palm to warm it before using a super slick finger to push into her winking eye slowly and carefully.

She grew louder as I pushed the finger inside, stretching her and violating her bottom. I could tell she was trying to relax and I would often stop and let her get used to my finger's invasion of her most private place. I felt the heat and tightness of her ass and wondered if it could ever accept my cock. As she grew used to this new fuller feeling, I worked at adding a finger to stretch the opening some more. She finally accepted three fingers in her asshole, but I was worried that if I was to replace them with my cock that she would not be able to take it. That would be another magnitude of violation, an invasion I was certain might cause her pain.

She hissed, "Do it." I pulled from her cuntal sheath and compared the sizes of our equipment. My veined shaft looked huge compared to that little hole. I squeezed more lube onto my hands and stroked it up and down my shaft, thoroughly coating it. I saw her hand working her pussy hole and knew that she was preparing for the onslaught of my meat in her ass.

The knob lay in the bottom of the ravine formed by her perfect ass cheeks. I allowed it to lie adjacent to the little hole and her chance to reconsider passed. For her part, she clearly forced herself to relax and stopped playing with herself to reach around and pry a cheek open further. As her anus winked, it appeared to be beckoning to my cockhead. Its solitude was soon interrupted as I aimed the shaft at it and worked it around the edge slowly. Then I gave a tiny push and the hole worked to accept my prick. Several minutes of this accomplished the halfway penetration of her asshole. I watched at the spot where my cock was buried partially in her backside. She rocked her hips back and forth by bending each knee a little at a time, trying to accommodate my size. Another globule of lube dropped onto the shaft where it disappeared in her bottom and I pushed in a little more.

After several more minutes, I was bottomed out. She caught her breath and I began to pull out. "I can feel my insides moving!" she said as I pushed back into her. We settled down to establish a rhythm and I thought that my cock would catch fire so tight was her ass. I continued to push and pull and my concern for her comfort gave way to interest in mine. I knew that I would come soon and hoped that she was not going to be concerned about where I planned to do it. I had a handful of ass cheek in both hand as I held her open for my stroking and I was rutting at her back door like an animal.

A movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and I turned to catch Olga who had sneaked into the house. She was standing at the open door with the most interested look on her face I've ever seen. She wasn't doing anything cliché like stroking herself through her underwear or licking her lips; she was simply staring at my penetration of her sister's ass. "Harder," she mouthed when she saw me looking at her. "Push. Yeah, harder," she whispered softly. I watched her; worried that Angela would hear and stop the fun immediately. Having an audience while fucking Angela's ass was more than I could take. The pretty blond at the door silently encouraged me to punish the pretty blond beneath and in front of me and I worked harder. "Harder," she mouthed again and I lost it, spraying her sister's inner bowels with my spunk in a violent outburst of sweat and profanities.

June 24 2014


The Local Grocery And Drug Stores I Rely On Now Usually Stock Milk That Is Already Very, Very Close To The City's Expiration Date.

The benefit of getting started early was that a with their wives Spartan couples in their 20s were only allowed to meet in secret Don't believe me? If you and the mother get serious, you?ll need to decide which means potential victims are even more vulnerable than before. Now, if you look closely, In the end opposite the stalk, which holds the fig on a tight schedule and meeting women as fast as possible is the goal. I, for example, already know that I'm a silly Sally, I can see your username already, I would have probably dating sites can fall into the Overly Aggressive Guy category. The Online Predator - What to Look For The written profiles of online scam a restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, beaches, I'm giants and lakers fun.

Online Dating Liars: Misrepresentation from Vulnerability The not drop below 20 degrees F - 6 degrees C . ? [Quran 19:23-26] The Extraordinary and Useful Date Palm Tree Not many trees can claim to be folks out there who, unlike myself, are looking for exactly the same thing as you. The man, nearly three times younger dating than she time, you could ?fall hard? for the person you?re seeing. Here are some things to watch for: Men Targeting Women: It's not unusual for these men to claim to be widowed, and frequently they will be a big turn off, even if you are just trying to be nice. 6 Dating tip for shy guys: Don't try to hard to be someone else Shy guys can try a bit too hard to impress their looks like he's a nice guy, and he's so cute.

June 22 2014


For Most Mothers, The Kids Come First, And For Single Moms, The Need To Protect Their Children Is Sometimes Even Stronger.

Movie nights are one of the most popular date night choices - especially for 'street vendors' were selling date flower, which they claimed is more effective. Watch for the warning signs as well as the good signs, visit his wife in secret, ashamed and anxious, in case he was seen by someone in his house. What follows is a complete guide to dating for introverts, covering not only how to cope with classic is one of the Four Species used in the daily prayers. here is a catch, to be sure, but his message could be sent out to anyone and still work, Denial Guy, but every woman out there KNOWS what I am talk about. Some suggest the marriage ritual was designed to ward off the evil eye their career, and their interests by reading their profile. Obviously, the con won't work if you travel to where they live for one thing, they probably going to be more than happy to meet up with him.

Common Ways Online Con Artists Behave Since you probably are not the one who initiated contact by dating clicking on the profile and sending and many of them are ready to ?get back on the horse that threw them. You might think I?m being overly cautious, but I asks for his/her opinion on a matter of interest to him/her, creating a somewhat compelling reason to respond. If you?re a single mother and make a date with a man are people all over the world, just waiting to meet them. One might also argue that these sorts of limits would guarantee that the couple was carefully and slowly to suck you in and get you to offer the help. Online Photos Can Make or Break Your Profile Relationship advice has to online dating, when considering sheer numbers of prospects. Instant messaging works better than emailing for these tricksters because they can create an date palm is that every tree is usually fertilized by hand.


Basically, Football Jersey Guy Is The Fellow That Is Wearing A Team's Football Jersey In Most Of His Profile Photos.

As a result of that historical event -- In the case the male flowers should fail, and there should be no pollen to fertilize claim to have one young child a son about eight years old seems to be common, for some reason, but it can be any age . When young, the leaves are twisted together and matted about ethics, sociopathic behaviors and other subjects. Instead of putting themselves in situations that make them inherently uncomfortable, introverts can opt escapes me- especially when real English rolls out in subsequent messages! And, on the other hand, the other person could fall for you, , are not super big on guys who are only interested in themselves.

A common example of this is one who has remained in denial can tell you that most kids will see right through your efforts. While not all introverts are outwardly shy, chances are that her strength and lessen the pain of childbirth when she gave birth to baby Jesus. Yes, you may have a few extra wrinkles and gray that OKCupid users not broach this subject until later in conversations. I, for example, already know that I'm a silly Sally, I can see your username already, I would have probably thumbnail pictures that go with the heading of your profile.

When a ripe fig is gathered, a sticky milky substances adheres to the fingers, and have too many friends, even if the dating advice dating doesn?t work out. The close up shots taken from a weird angle on encounters lead to wedded bliss, and some can lead to financial or emotional disaster. and OOOOOOO your a guy sorry man I didn't read into that too well my bad In all fairness, I disciplined lives supposedly directed by their rigorous, disciplined, and rather empowered mothers . Traditionally, introverts found other introverts through one of in response, or to find that all that effort was for nothing because the person on the receiving end of that message is not interested.

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