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Winter Of Angela

"Fuck." Thaissa whispered to herself as she dropped the magazine to the floor.

Walking over to Annie's bed, she sat down beside her and placed her hand on her covered form. "Annie, sweetheart?" she voiced gently. "It looks like I don't have enough apologies to cover my fuck-ups tonight. I was just playing around. I would never intentionally have embarrassed you. You know that, don't you?"

No answer.

"Anyway," Thaissa tried again, "you've got nothing to be ashamed of. It's not like you're the only person in the world to use 'visual aids' to get off."

"Hey," I thought, "that's the same phrase Angela used. Is this where she got it from?" I peeked over at her and she was still utterly entranced by the movie.

Meanwhile, onscreen, Thaissa was yet trying to rouse her roommate. "C'mon, honey. Please don't be that way." She pulled Annie's shoulder to get her to turn over and face her. "Why are you getting so worked up?" Thaissa asked as she brushed the blonde's tears away. "Everybody masturbates. What's the bid deal?"

"Not everybody gets caught masturbating, though. And when word gets around what it was I was jerking off to... " Annie covered her face with her hands again and began to cry. Thaissa folded her friend in her arms and drew her face to her breast, stroking her hair and rocking her gently. "First of all, I am terribly hurt that you would even think I would tell anyone about what happened here. Don't you know me any better than that?"

"Secondly," the brunette continued, "you'd hardly be the first female to find her own sex attractive. It's not uncommon at all, especially at our age, when everybody's still trying to figure out what's what."

After a momentary pause, Thaissa said quietly, but clearly, "Hell, I'm not completely immune to feminine charms myself."

Annie drew slowly away from her roommate to look up at her. "You?"

"Yes, me." Thaissa cupped the blonde's face in her hand. Lowering her head, she brought her lips to Annie's. Their kiss was tentative at first, but soon grew more forceful.

I felt a thrill run through me as I watched their kiss deepen. I suddenly became aware of just how hard my nipples were under my pajama top and I could feel a moistness gathering between my legs. I sneaked a look over at Angela. She was mesmerized and beginning to squirm.

Onscreen, the kiss continued, building in intensity, with mouths open and tongues exploring.

The dark haired girl let her friend lift her blouse over her head. Annie's lips hungrily sought Thaissa's again, as if frustrated by the interruption. Thaissa reached behind her back to unclasp her bra and liberate a truly wonderful pair of breasts. Full and round with dark aereolae and distended nipples. Annie's lips moved to Thaissa's throat and the brunette unleashed a full-throated moan.

This was hypnotically beautiful, but at the same time, kind of overwhelming. I had just confessed to my best friend (of the same gender!) that I had a crush on her. Immediately after, I found myself watching the most sensual and explicit sex scene (by far) that I had ever encountered. Powerful emotions were roiling in me and I wasn't sure I could handle them.

The television showed Annie suckling Thaissa's breast. The brunette's head was tilted back, her mouth open in an ecstatic 'o'. The blonde's lips engulfed Thaissa's nipple. Gradually drawing it and as much of the breast as she could into her mouth, Annie just as slowly released it. Then she did the same for Thaissa's other breast. Thaissa panted and groaned her approval.

Both the girls were so achingly beautiful. I had never felt such a yearning.

With lingering kisses, impassioned caresses, erotically rhythmic sucking, Annie showered adulation on Thaissa's breasts, nearly sending the brunette into a frenzy.

And she wasn't the only one. I needed to catch my breath. "Angela," I nearly gasped her name. "Would you turn it off? Please?"

Angela looked confused for a moment as she pulled herself from the movie's seduction. "Sure." She pressed the remote's stop button. "What's wrong, Em? You okay?"

"Yeah, I guess so. It was just so... so intense. I wasn't ready for it. I started to feel kinda shaky, if that makes any sense."

"Sweetie, was that your first time seeing a porn video?"

I nodded 'yes'.

"C'mere." Angela pulled me down so my head rested in her lap. She began stroking my hair as if I were a sleeping kitten. "When you said you had been fantasizing about me, you caught me by surprise, to say the least. I wasn't sure how to respond or what I wanted to say."

"But, I know you." she said in a tone of mock admonishment. "If I let you go even five minutes without some kind of reply, you'd worry yourself into a tizzy. Wondering if I was freaking out because you had come on to me."

"So, I put on the movie," Angela continued, "so you could see that I had at least thought about other girls that way, too. I wanted you to know that you aren't alone and I certainly wasn't grossed out or anything. I just wasn't sure what I wanted. I guess it would've been simpler if I just told you that, but I didn't know you'd never seen an x-rated movie." Angela placed her hand under my chin and turned my head to face her. "Forgive me?" she asked.

Again, I simply moved my head up and down in reply.

Angela leaned forward, brushed my bangs aside and pressed her lips to my forehead. "Well, Em, it's gotten late and I doubt we'll get this all figured out tonight. Why don't we talk about this some more in the morning, when we're both fresh?"

I responded with a meek "Okay." The vehement emotions of the past hour had taken their toll on me. I was exhausted. Rising from Angela's lap, I made my way over to my bed.

"Where are you going?" Angela asked.

"I just thought that you might want some space after... well, you know, everything."

"If you need the space," Angela answered, "I'll understand. But please don't go away on my account. It's been awfully cozy the last few nights. Will it be too awkward for you to stay over here?"

I was grateful she asked me. I didn't really want to sleep alone that night. Angela pulled the covers back and turned away from me to face the wall. On the preceding nights, when she lay that way, it was an invitation for me to spoon with her. Drawing myself close, I molded my form to fit hers and tentatively draped my arm around her waist.

As snug as we were, my racing heart finally began to calm. I knew, however, that sleep wouldn't be coming anytime soon. Too many thoughts. Too many fears.

After a short, restless period had passed, I realized that Angela was also still awake.



"The girl in the movie... the blonde. Did she look... familiar to you?"

There was a moment's hesitation before Angela spoke over her shoulder, "So you saw it, too, huh?"

"When we first met," Angela went on, with a trace of sheepishness in her voice, "I thought 'Oh my god! She's a dead ringer for the hot blonde chick from my favorite porn video!' It was kinda weird, to start with. I kept sneaking glances at you; making mental comparisons. I had always thought Annie was smokin'. And here you were, Annie in the flesh, but even more beautiful. That took some getting used to."

"Thank you for the 'more beautiful', Angela." I pressed the side of my face to her back and hugged her tightly.

"I didn't say it to make you feel better, Em. I said it because it's true."

I let those sweet words hang in the air, content to have them be the night's last.

Sleep eventually came for me, but not before I thought for a while how wonderful... how right, Angela felt in my arms. Even if she never came to feel the way I did, I would enjoy this while I had it.


The next few days passed uneventfully. The professors were more exacting, aware of the limited amount of time left before the Christmas holidays. Angela was sweet and solicitous, asking once or twice how I was doing, but other than that we really didn't talk about the events of 'that night'. We also did not schedule any 'alone time' sessions that week. I don't know if she felt too uncomfortable to broach the subject, but I know I did.

On Saturday, we breathed a sigh of relief that the strenuous week was behind us. We did a little homework and studying, but for the most part we lazed about. I got Angela to try ON THE WATERFRONT and was thrilled by her passionate response to it. She was still enthusing about some of the scenes when we came back from dinner that evening.

Before bedtime, we played a really raucous game of SORRY, that devolved into a wrestling match when I playfully accused Angela of cheating. We must've been hunting for scattered pieces of the game for a half an hour after.

That night, we slept in my bed, and as so often, we started out the night with one of us (me, that night) on our side facing the wall, while the other cuddled up from behind.

I still had not gotten over my excitement at this arrangement. I sometimes felt I ought to pinch myself. How could I be so lucky as to have this heavenly creature holding me so close?

I'm not sure how much time passed with me lost in thoughts like those, when Angela interrupted my musings.



"You 'sleep?"




"Mind if I talk for a bit? I want to get some things off my chest."

"Fine by me." I knew this was coming. I had been bracing myself for it ever since I'd declared my affections.

"You remember how I said I wanted my first time to be with someone special? Someone who already shared an understanding... a bond, with me."


"When you told me how you felt", Angela resumed, "I had already fantasized about sex with another woman. But, there's a big difference between fantasizing about something and actually doing it."

Just as bracing for a blow is not the same as being hit. I felt a pang of loss that was almost a physical pain. I knew Angela would let me down as gently as she could, but that was small comfort.

"Being with you, getting to know you, has given me the courage to discover what that difference is."

"Wait." I thought. I must've misunderstood. My ears insisting on hearing what they wanted. It almost sounded as if...

Turning in the bed to face her, I took her face in my hands. Gazing intently into her eyes, I asked, "Angela, did you just...?"

"Emma, dear heart, I've been wanting a real sex life, a sex life that included someone other than myself." Her other hand reached up to my face, brushing a wisp of hair, tracing the curve of my cheek. "What's been stopping me? Fear. Until I finally realized, that with you, all those fears melted away."

"On a practical level", Angela continued, "you're the answer to my every qualm. With you, no fear of pregnancy or STDs."

"On an emotional level", Angela's voice lowered, became more intimate, "I'm not worried that I'll be disappointed or worse, disappointing. I know I'd be making love with someone who knows me. Someone who understands me. Someone who loves me."

Angela ran her fingers down the side of my face. "And it finally got through my thick skull," she murmured, "that I'm in love with you."

Our lips met hesitantly. As the kiss deepened, my lips parted and Angela's tongue slipped between them. I sucked on it, then gave her mine. The kiss soon became forceful; with tongues cavorting and lacing. All of my hunger for Angela poured into it.

I began to unbutton her pajama top, but never broke the kiss. When the garment was undone, my hands slipped into the opening and settled on her naked waist. Angela purred into my mouth and pressed her lips more tightly to mine.

I traced my finger tips inward over the smooth, flat surface of her belly. They traveled up over her ribs and found the curves of her breasts. Angela drew in her breath and clasped my tongue.

Taking care to avoid her areolae and nipples, my hands explored the fullness of those splendid globes, entranced by their sensuous symmetry.

My fingers took possession of every precious, silken inch of her tits. Her nipples were already distended by the time I finally caught them between my fingers. Angela shivered free of the kiss to emit an involuntary squeak that became a gasp, then spiraled into an extended, guttural moan.

I loved pulling those sounds from her. I wanted more of them.

Reclaiming her lips with mine, I began rolling both of her nipples at once between my forefingers and thumbs. This progressed into a rhythmic stroking of their swollen lengths. Angela groaned into the kiss and started unbuttoning my nightshirt.

The cool air hitting my nipples just added to the sensations I was feeling. My pussy tingled and grew slick with excitement.

Angela's lips left mine, but I didn't have time to feel abandoned before her mouth fell upon my throat. I lifted my head and let her have her way with the tender flesh between my jaw and collarbone. She followed the delicate curves with careful attention. Alternating passionate sucking with a rain of fluttery kisses, Angela drew tears from eyes, panting from my lips and moisture from my cunt.

Her mouth fell onto my right breast, engulfing the nipple and most of the tit.

I moaned and pulled her head tighter to me. Her tongue worked the bud roughly, drawing more wanton sounds from my throat.

Angela's hands slid into the waistband of my PJ bottoms and slowly circled 'round to the back. At the same time, I heard the sucking, licking and devouring sounds her mouth made on my breast. I felt it, too, clear down to my pussy.

Gliding her fingers down past the waistband, Angela traced the curve of my ass. She raised her head from my chest to gaze at me. "I want you, Emma." She used her grip on my hips to pull my pelvis to hers. "And now, I've got you." Her lips turned upward in a lusty smile.

Angela dragged my pajama pants down and I raised my legs to help her undress me. Next, my already open top was completely removed. I was naked now; ready and willing to do whatever she wanted with me.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and guided me to lay flat on my back. Her own PJs came off in a flurry. Lifting her right leg over my hips, Angela straddled me, looking down at me. I gazed back at her, wanting to record her loveliness in my memory.

Angela lowered herself to lay atop me, belly to belly, breasts pressed together. We kissed again, while my hands roamed up and down her back, then squeezed the plump softness of her derriere.

Moving slightly upward, Angela positioned her left nipple above my mouth. Cupping my hand under it, I lifted her breast, cradling it.

"God, they're so beautiful...so full and lush." I whispered in awe. I placed my right hand under her other breast and started squeezing it, too. Their heft felt sublime. Then I ran my hands over her nipples, letting them thrust out between my fingers. Closing my fingers, I snared her sensitive buds, pulling and stretching them into long cones. Her sex pulsed and wept its appreciation. I opened my fingers again and her nipples withdrew to their normal, but still erect, shape.

For a tantalizing moment, Angela dangled the heavy globes just out of reach. I impatiently lifted my head, wet my lips and wrapped them around the swollen tip of her right breast. I drew much more of it into my mouth, then let most of it slip out again. Repeating this rhythmically caused Angela to mewl in pleasure. Her back arched, pushing more of her tit between my lips.

I began to alternate my attentions between both of her breasts. Sometimes pulling hard, at others just flicking my tongue over them. Periodically, I nipped the stiff nipples, not enough to hurt, just enough to send spikes of pleasure and make her yelp in surprise. It was thrilling to rearrange these beautiful mounds of flesh as I squeezed and probed with my fingers and tongue.

Angela's back bent further and her breathing became labored. I could sense her impending release; feel the flutter in her thighs and the muscles across her tummy tighten, then relax in a quickening rhythm. She was making small noises... groans, sighs, cooing. Every sound from her mouth sent another shiver of desire down my belly to spark between my thighs. I never dreamed suckling a girl's tit could be so exquisite.

Eventually, my mouth began working down her rib cage. My lips and tongue made sure that my beauty's exquisitely smooth, slightly rounded belly did not feel neglected. I traced lazy circles around her navel with my tongue. I knew where I was headed and my pussy throbbed just thinking about it. Both of us were dripping wet and the smell of sex was heavy in the room.

I scooted down slightly and Angela straddled my head between her creamy brown thighs.

I had never seen another woman's pussy in such vivid detail before. Angela's looked absolutely delectable. Open like the petals of a flower, her labia fluttered with arousal. Darker brown than the rest of her, but with a suggestion of the pinkness inside. Small beads of moisture clung to her womanhood, glimmering in the dim light, trickling down to wet my lips.

The smooth, plump bud of her clit was fully engorged and free of its pink hood. It twitched in anticipation, while mine did the same.

Angela broke the erotically-charged silence. "Is this what you want?"

"God, yes."

Angela lowered her hips until my mouth parted her fleshy outer lips and molded to her sopping labia. I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulled her closer, and speared her with my tongue. She cried out, her pussy walls clamping around my tongue, flooding it with thick cream. Her hips began to rock back and forth, dragging her cunt over my lips and smearing them with her lubrication.

I was on the verge of sensory overload: the scent of Angela's excitement; the feel of her smooth flesh between my fingers and the pulsing of her tight passage around my tongue; the pungent taste of her nectar; the slurping sounds of my mouth on her sex; the hypnotic chant of her gasping. I knew this was where I was meant to be.

Angela's hand shifted to the crown of my head, her fingers twining through my hair. Her pelvis quaked with each caress of my tongue. Unconscious sounds of lust filled the room. The occasional whimper convulsed her body, causing the sculpted legs on either side of me to shiver and twitch.

With each downstroke of her hips, my tongue pushed further past her secret gate into the heat of her body. Gripped by her shuddering muscles, I belonged to her. I plunged inside her, feeling the walls of her pussy spread to receive me, drawing me in.

Her breathing was getting harder with each thrust and she made a low, soft, guttural grunt every time I penetrated her depth.

"Fuck me, Emma, fuck me," Angela demanded. "Fuck my cunt with that beautiful face. Do it to me."

She ground her hips in circles and loosed a savage moan. Rivulets of perspiration were running down her body, between her breasts and down over her quivering belly.

On every other stroke of Angela's hips, I withdrew my tongue from its sultry sheath and suckled her clitoris. This made her gasp and buck harder, clenching her thighs around my head.

Her breath quickened and she gyrated with a new urgency. I looked up at her from the confinement of flesh around my head, helpless to move my face more than the little needed to nurse her womanhood. She pumped her sex forward, into my mouth one last time, then stopped. Her pussy convulsed and thick, sweet juices squirted into my mouth. I gazed up at her through all this, watched her eyes clench shut in ecstasy. She cried out as her climax ripped through her, "Oh fuck!...fuck!...fuck!"

Each word was punctuated by a thrust of her hips. Angela's body began to thrash but I stayed with her. Wrapping my hands around the tops of her thighs to hold on, I drew out every last once of pleasure. Angela's fingers clutched my hair to hold me still as she came, and I nursed her clit with the fervor of an acolyte at a holy shrine.

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