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Wolf's Pet Ch. 36

Julia leaned in close and whispered in Guillame's ear. "I decided to stay behind in case you wanted to..." She never ended the sentence but reached out her tongue and flicked it along the shell of his ear.

He turned and his eyes roamed up and down her beautiful body. She had already discarded her clothing. "A run would be invigorating." He quickly disrobed and shifted, waiting for the female, and then took off at a dead run through the woods. He led and he had no idea where he was going, but he was glad to be away from Katy and Rhys. It was difficult to watch them together now. His head knew it wasn't her, but his heart was aching. Maybe Julia could help him to take his mind off her.

Alistair and Jenna had watched Katy's transformation with awe. Alistair had never seen a Werepanther before. He looked at his mate lovingly, his hands never leaving hers. "That is what you will become my dear. Are you ready?" He stroked her cheek as she looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Yes Alistair, I'm ready. And please, don't worry, I'm not as fragile as you think I am. You don't have to hold back." She held the hand that still touched her cheek and smiled up at him. She couldn't wait to be his forever. Her whole life had come down to this. Everything that had happened in Gary's caves had been meant to be to bring her to this point. If Gary hadn't found her, she never would have met Alistair.

They had eyes only for each other as they touched and kissed tenderly. She knew exactly what to expect and although for a fleeting moment she had a flashback to the cave, she quickly pushed it out of her mind. She was here with her white wolf, her champion, her mate. He would never hurt her like Gary had. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

They didn't notice the horrified looks of those around them when they saw the large bruises and cuts all over Jenna's body. Most had no idea what had been done to her in the caves and hadn't seen her many injuries. Several gave thanks to the moon for protecting her and leading Alistair to her in time.

She got on hands and knees and smiled when she saw the white wolf behind her. She would be living her dreams. She would live what had kept her sane during the time in the cage. She gasped when she felt his tongue tasting her. Her voice was raspy as she spoke to the wolf. "Alistair, please, hurry, I need to feel you inside me." She had to feel him now!

He lifted himself to cover her and slid his hard cock into her incredibly wet passage. In one motion he was filling her completely and he began to pump in and out of her. His paws held her tight. He could hear her moans of pleasure and it caused him to move harder against her. She was right, she could take more than he had imagined. His knot was ready and he pushed it into place. He could feel her body quivering around his shaft and knew she was close already. He pulled himself higher and lapped at her neck. Finding the spot he wanted he clamped down with his teeth, her warm blood released into his mouth. Her body bucked underneath him as she cried out. His body responded by emptying himself inside her. He released her neck when her spasming had ended.

He pulled her to the ground and held her against his body. He could feel her chest rising and falling with each deep breath as she concentrated on relaxing. She giggled as he licked her skin. She moved away from him when his cock had receded and turned to face him. She had a devilish smile on her face as she looked at his cock, still wet with a combination of his semen and her fluids. She dropped her head and licked at his cock, tasting the testament to their mating. She lapped at it and closed her mouth over his cock to suck him back to life. She heard his groan and looked up to see his head thrown back, eyes closed, as he relinquished all control to her. Very quickly his cock was filling her mouth and hard as a rock. She began to purr as she moved up and down on him. He let out a strangled moan.

He struggled to speak through the immense pleasure he was receiving from her. And if she purred one more time with his cock in her mouth they wouldn't be able to finish mating until later in the night. "Jenna, don't tease me my dear, I'm not a young wolf anymore." He tried to smile but it was impossible.

She gave one more long slow pull on him and then moved up his body to throw a leg over his hips. Her dark brown eyes looked up at him and he immediately saw the change in them. He also noticed that some of the bruises on her body had begun to fade. His hands slid over the healing lacerations. There might not even be any scars soon. He smiled up at her.

She slowly lowered herself onto him and began to move. She liked it best when he was deep inside her. She moved as gracefully as a cat, or a panther. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her. The panther in her mind told her that it would be time soon. She nodded to herself. She slid slowly off his cock, and then dropped back down, then rocked back and forth, enjoying the sensations. When she felt his knot she ground herself down on him until he was fully inside of her and locked. It was time.

She smiled down at her mate and he saw her incisors were longer than he remembered. His hands never stopped their movement over her skin. She lowered herself and he bared his neck to her, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt her teeth tear into his flesh, and roared, thrusting hard, feeling his cum jettisoning into her body. His thrusts slowed and she released the bite. He shuddered when he felt her tongue licking the blood. He wondered quickly what the panther's tongue would feel like on his body. He pulled her down to his chest and wrapped his arms around her. She purred loudly into his ear. He stroked her raven black hair and spoke to her for the first time through their bond. "We will be together forever now Jenna."

The purring was louder as she answered him. "Forever my white wolf." She held tight to him, not ever wanting to let him go. Gary would never enter her mind again. What he'd done to her was evil. This was wonderful and special. She was disappointed when she felt him leave her pussy. But within a few seconds she felt something else. She wanted to run. She wanted to climb a tree. She wanted to see what else she could do. She looked at herself but she was still human. The Panther wanted her time. It was her turn. She rolled onto the ground and onto her hands and knees.

Alistair watched as the last bruises faded to nothing and the lacerations completely healed. And within seconds, he was facing an impressive black panther. She flicked her tail from side to side as she looked at her mate. She approached him and slid her rough tongue along the side of his face. He laughed and stroked her soft coat, even softer than her long hair. She butted her head into his body, nearly knocking him down.

Alistair shifted quickly. The white wolf slid his body alongside his panther mate. She turned and ran off, her graceful strides carried her swiftly across the clearing, the white wolf easily keeping up with her. She found what she wanted, a tall tree and leaped into the air, catching the bark with her sharp claws about eight feet up. She scrambled up to a branch high above the clearing. This was what she wanted, she needed to be high. She looked down at her wolf, staring up at her.

"How long will you stay there? I really can't join you there you know." He couldn't believe how easily she had made her way so high.

"I'm sorry, I just had to see the world from up here. I'll be right down." Her tail waved in the air behind her as she laid on the branch. She hoped there were trees where Alistair lived. She suddenly realized she knew nothing about where they would be living. But it didn't matter, home would be where Alistair was. She saw the pack watching her in amazement. Wolves couldn't climb. She smiled to herself. "I'm on my way down love." Alistair waited patiently as she made her way back down the tree, leaping the last ten feet to the ground.

She slid her long body along his, purring the entire time. She never dreamed of being a panther. This was so much better than she'd ever imagined.

"Do you want to run?" Alistair would do whatever she wished, except of course climb a tree.

"No, not right now, maybe later. I want to be here when the hunters return. I want to see how Karen did." She found a nice patch of grass and laid down, her tail wrapped around her body. She lazily groomed herself as her mate laid next to her, leaning into her body.

"She's so beautiful." Lee was awestruck by the black panther. She felt Carr's arms around her. He rested his chin on her shoulder as they watched Jenna and Alistair.

Konstantin held Tracy as he tried to calm her fears. "See? They are fine. There was no pain, only pleasure." He whispered in her ear as she trembled in his arms.

"I-I can't in front of everyone." She shook like a leaf. As much as she wanted him, she remembered the time at the caves and what the wolves had done to her in front of the pack. She couldn't take that again.

The silver haired Were stood up and put out a hand for Tracy who grabbed hold. He smiled at her as he pulled her to her feet. "Then we find somewhere private. We'll return to the group after you've shifted. I'll not have you thinking about anything but me, m?j and?l." They walked towards the woods.

"What does that mean?" She was going to have to learn his language or it would drive her crazy. But she'd have a lifetime.

"M?j and?l, it means my angel. You are my angel you know. You've saved my life Tracy. I never thought I would find a mate. I'd given up trying years ago. Werewolves are extremely sexual by nature, but the wolf wants to find it's mate, and after a time, really doesn't care about the act anymore if there is no mate, and no cubs. That is what they live for. That is the true meaning of our existence." He pulled her close when they reached a stand of trees away from the group. They could just barely hear them anymore.

Konstantin knew he'd have to be slow and gentle with his little blond panther. She had been subjected to Gary's perverse idea of pack life and knew nothing else. He would show her how pack life could be, how it would be for her. Luckily for both of them, the Wolf Moon acted as an aphrodisiac for her and took a little of the edge off her fear. If not for that, he doubted they would mate for months at the very least. He looked down at her and stroked her face slowly, bending down to touch her lips lightly. He would take his time.

Tracy was torn by her fear and her sudden lust for the large male in front of her. But she didn't need to be afraid of him, he wasn't Gary or Paul. She couldn't help but be drawn to him, to want him. She didn't want to fight that feeling but in the back of her mind, she couldn't let go of the memories. But his hand felt so good on her skin, cooling where she was so hot all of a sudden. And his lips were so warm and inviting. He wasn't cruel like the rogues who had hurt her. He wasn't going to take what he wanted. He was waiting for her. She sighed and melted into his arms.

When he heard the sigh he smiled to himself. His wolf wanted to take over but he held him back. It was too soon, she needed time. They had all the time of the full moon.


The male hunters had returned to the clearing with their kills. They had several deer, a few boar, and an enormous elk. They dragged them over to the Omegas waiting near the fire who would take over the preparation for the meals.

Carr congratulated the Betas on a fine take. They howled in unison at the compliment. Those who were un-mated ran off to find a companion for the evening. Those who's mates were still hunting watched to the south for the pack to return.

Carr felt Cole's agitation. He could see him pacing, he just couldn't seem to hold still. "She's fine, Cole. If something had happened, I would know." The wolf looked up at him, nodded his head, and walked to the edge of the clearing, and waited.

Carr shook his head as he found Lee. "Over-protective."

"Oh and when I led my first hunt you weren't worried at all? I heard from Cole later that he had to stop you from coming to look for us." She stood, arms crossed, with a stern look at her mate.

"OK, OK, I stand corrected, I was just as over-protective. It's a good trait in a mate." He grinned and pulled her close for a long, deep kiss. He wanted to shift so badly right now, and take her here in front of his pack, but he had promised the Doctor.

They heard a triumphant howl come from the southeast and all eyes were in that direction as the females arrived. The auburn wolf was dragging the largest carcass, the six point buck. Each of her hunting pack had their own kill with them which they delivered to the waiting Omegas.

Cole was waiting for Karen. He was so proud, he could barely contain himself. His tail was up and wagging. When she reached him, he licked her face, tasting the blood from her first kill. She was a magnificent wolf. She was everything he'd ever hoped for.

Karen was full of energy after her first hunt. "Cole, it was amazing. I can't wait to hunt again." She ran circles around him, her tail waving in the air. She was practically prancing. But there was something else she needed to do. Her wolf knew what it was. She wanted her mate. Her playful mood morphed into one of seduction. She turned to Cole and dropped to her elbows, then leapt away when he moved towards her.

"Pet, the pack is watching. You know that, right?" Not that Cole cared. The pack was waiting for the leaders of the hunt to celebrate their kills. They would mate in front of the pack. He circled her carefully, waiting for her to make a wrong move.

"I don't care, I deserve the attention, don't you think? My kill was bigger than most that the males brought back." There was a giddiness in the tone of her answer. Like she was on a high. Every time she thought he was going to make his move, she shifted direction. He thought he could catch her, but she'd show him.

The pack watched the two wolves like it was a dance. Everyone knew where it would lead, but it was mesmerizing to watch.

Cole smiled to himself. Karen's wolf thought she had the upper hand, or paw. But she was wrong. He would be the victor of this battle. And he couldn't wait. He studied her every movement. She moved well for a new wolf, no clumsiness, light on her feet. But her scent permeated the air around them, lavender and licorice filled his brain. He had to shake his head to clear his mind. She'd gone into heat! He'd forgotten Guillame had said the women would go into heat during the Wolf Moon. He had to stay in control of himself or she would be the one in control.

He seemed to be able to immediately counter any move she made. But maybe if she made a break for it. He looked like the hunt had tired him out. She might be able to out run him on open ground. She lifted her head to look for an open lane to run.

Ah, she was thinking of running. Now he had her. When she made her move he was ready for her and blocked her escape. Now he had her. His paw came down over her back and she was trapped. He moved to her side and shouldered her into an open space in the clearing. She was his. He waited for her to realize it.

Some of those watching weren't sure if Karen was going to give in. A few of the females were laughing, those that knew Cole best. Maybe it was time he got his comeuppance. It was time for a female to take the lead.

She was fighting internally. She wanted to try to run again, but her wolf said she must submit to her mate. It was wolf instinct and she had to give in to it. She was no longer human. She had to let human instinct go and embrace that of a wolf. She was a wolf now. Karen loved Cole more than anything, she was his, she would submit.

The auburn wolf laid on the ground, baring her neck and her belly to her mate. Her dark brown eyes followed him as he approached her and sniffed her from tail to nose. She felt his jaws close around her neck and knew she was his forever.

His green eyes sparkled as he held her to the ground. When he let go, he stepped back, waiting for her reaction. Would it be her wolf in control or the human?

Karen got to her feet and dropped her head to the ground, her haunches up, pointing towards her mate.

He moved in close, his nose touching her. He laughed to himself when he heard her whine. Now she would have to wait while he played. Her tail moved aside for him and he licked her swollen, wet pussy. She pushed backwards into him, but he moved away. He flicked his tongue out again and she whined louder.

"Stop teasing me Cole, you've won." She whimpered, begging him to take her now. She needed to feel him.

"I won the day I walked past you on the street Pet." He lifted himself up onto her back and hooked his front legs in front of her knees to hold her in place and his cock thrust into her wet,tight channel in one motion. She was so ready for him there was no resistance. He drove himself into her again and again, low growls coming from deep inside him. He wanted to force himself as deeply as he could inside her. His knot was ready almost immediately and he forced it into her, seating it well. This was the first time they would mate when there was a chance of her becoming pregnant. His wolf was well aware and wanted to be sure they had cubs soon.

She growled with pleasure when she felt his knot. She couldn't believe how ready she was for him. Was it the moon? She felt him thrusting and could feel her body so close to cumming. He moved up over her back until his mouth was poised over her neck. She felt his teeth in her flesh and howled her pleasure which intensified when she felt his seed flooding her womb. His thrusts were frantic as he emptied load after load.

He held her tightly, and when he heard her howl he was overcome with an even higher level of his lust, something he'd never felt before. His wolf was intent on fathering cubs and continued to cum into his mate. As he felt the last of his seed flowing into her, he howled his satisfaction to the Wolf Moon. He pulled Karen to the ground to wait while they were tied. He thanked the moon for bringing him such an amazing mate. Without her, Gary may have succeeded. He licked her mouth as they laid together.

The pack was satisfied. The leaders of the hunt had mated and everyone was just sure she would have cubs in the fall. The mated hoped they would have the same luck tonight. Those that were unattached were envious and wished they could find a mate. But in the meantime, a playmate would do.

The three panthers and their mates made their way to a quiet area away from the fire. The males sat, heads cocked, what were their mates up to?

The panthers stood in a close group, their mates next to them. They realized, they were bonded to each other, as well as to their mates. They were an eye opening sight. Black, red, and blond panthers, sitting close like they were in a conversation. No one knew at the time, they were.

"How can we speak with each other?" Katy hadn't expected this. She looked at Rhys who looked as confused as she.

"I wasn't expecting it, but it could come in handy. I have to say, this is more than I ever dreamed. Things seem so much different now. And I'm getting visions, of the future I assume." Jenna had so many dreams when she was human, but she was always asleep. She was awake and seeing the future now. Was it the absolute future? Or just a possibility? Were there things that could be changed? And she wasn't just having these visions about herself. She looked towards the compound. She was so glad that one vision was of Sheila, happy with the Doctor.

"There is so much new life here tonight." Tracy was glancing at the females in the clearing. She smiled to herself. She used to have a subtle feeling that let her know that a woman was carrying before, but it had been heightened now. She felt each individual cub. Even those who had been conceived this very night. She liked being a panther. She sighed as she thought about how gentle Konstantin had been with her, how patient. After tonight, he could let his wolf take more control. He couldn't hurt her now. She knew how much he loved her, how much they needed each other. She couldn't wait to tell him he would be a father. But would he believe her so soon?

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