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Photograph: Ian Tuttle/Rex/Shutterstock Sarah Boseley Health editor Wednesday 8 March 2017 19.01EST Leading doctors are warning that British children with cancer could suffer if they are no longer able to join Europe-wide trials of innovative new medicines as a result of the Brexit deal. The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust say the best hope for some children with cancer is a clinical trial where a new drug is being tested. But because of the small number of children with the same cancers, the trials have to be run in many hospitals, often across Europe . If the UK leaves the European Union and withdraws from the currently London-based European Medicines Agency which licenses new drugs , as expected, then pharmaceutical companies may choose to trial drugs just for children from countries in the EU. Children in the UK would lose out, and it could take years before they could get access to the newest treatments. The ICR and the Marsden say EU regulations governing the way medicines are tested in children badly need reform to make companies trial more drugs in children, but the UK would be worse off without them. It is imperfect but it is all we have, said Prof Louis Chesler, a consultant in paediatric oncology at the Marsden. Childrens cancer is a very small field, he said. The most effective way to run a clinical trial is to run a big one. If the regulations change and stop us working across European sites, that is a big problem for us, he said.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://amp.theguardian.com/science/2017/mar/09/uk-children-with-cancer-could-miss-out-on-drug-trials-after-brexit-doctors-warn

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